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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The new releases are there!

Lots of new stuff at B!ASTA this weekend - so let's get straight to the point!

Love, love, love this new line of clothes! First of all let me show you these cute high waist skirts, softly flowing, wide layers of tartan fabric in 14 (!) colors! I packed them into 2 fatpacks of 7 colors each - one pack of rich, bright colors, and one pack of darker, desaturated colors. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Next, i made these way cute poofy shorts, with the same high waist corset, which came out so adorable, that i simply can't decide whether to wear those, or the skirts --- maybe i could wear them both at the same time?? :-o LOL

To go with the skirts and shorts, i made these sets of dark tube tops and wool shrugs, again in 14 colors - divided into 2 packs of 7.

And last, but not least, there are the knitted knee stockings, which come in even more colors - 2 packs of 8 pairs of stockings each, with all the above colors, plus white in the brigts pack, and black in the desaturated colors pack. A fantastic deal for so many socks, and you'll never ever have cold knees again! LOL

Andddd - Tadaaa! - let me introduce to you...

my first set of shapes (not counting the free preview version)! Ylenia comes in 2 sizes - petite and normal height - and is modifiable, so you can even adjust it to fit your wishes, or your favorite skin etc.
She is a slender girl, but with natural proportions, and an adorably beautiful face. Take a look,  isn't she just irresistible?

The lingerie set, which i have designed especially for the ad photo of the Ylenia shape, can be picked up FREE - dunno for how long it will be available free, so hurry before it is too late ;)

Lingerie set - satin panties and bra with ruffled details in Rose.

Don't forget to come by and pick up your 100 L$ gift card, if you haven't done so yet - and don't miss our Yummy Halloween mini store hunt, to win a cute outfit - the hunt will go on until 1st November, so hurry up! ;)

Come visit us in the B!ASTA Mainstore!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lots of good reasons to come to [: B!ASTA :]

First off, i want to say a heart-felt THANK YOU ALL for coming  so numerously and subscribing to my group. Within so little time i have regained all the subscribers that i had deleted due to my stupidity, and i can proudly tell you that we have once again passed the 1000 members mark! YAY!
Let's celebrate this with a shopping spree LOL ( i mean - what else??) - therefore i have put a gift box onto the reception desk, with a free store card worth 100 L$! Come grab it and have fun :)
Subscribo members have also received a 150 L$ store card, so they'll have double fun ;)

Also don't forget that the YUMMY HALLOWEEN store hunt is still going on - don't miss it! Just find the 6 apples hidden in the store, to get the cute :WHICH WITCH?: outfit for FREE!

Anddd i have filled the Midnight Hunting board with a new item, just perfect for the cool weather ;)

is a set of 3 knit sweater dresses with wide shawl collar and knit belt, as well as matching cuffed stockings. They come in light gray, sand, and white. Target is only 50, so hurry to register!

Find all the fun here @ [: B!ASTA :]

60 L$ weekend has already begun!

This week's 60 L$ offer is one of my favorites!

is a set of 4 sheer damask silk tops in 2 versions (more sheer and more opaque). They look just fantastic, and they can be worn either tucked in, or over pants or skirts. Get them all for just 60 L$!

Find them HERE!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New gift + weekend sales are there!

Hi all - this is gonna be a quickie because once again it's veryyyyy late and i should be in bed, instead of posting the news. But hey... i know you're already waiting for it! lol

First of all, i have a new gift in store for you. Wanna scare off your friends? Come and pick up these creepy monster eyes - there are glowing and non-glowing versions included.

Glowing (contact lenses) or non-glowing, bloodshot monster eyes. There are 2 versions of the glowing contacts: "normal" ones, worn on the eyeballs, which follow the natural movement of the eyes, and static ones (worn on mouth), which are probably more useful for making photos, since they do not move. They are modifiable, so you can simply make them look in the direction you want and that fits best for you.

Now the weekend sales. Today started the 55L Thursday sale, but also the LOW - Letter of the Week item is already available. Have a look!

Dotted lashes in 10 colors, including black (which is tintable). The complete fatpack for only 55 L$!

Since we have completed the whole alphabet last week, this coming weekend we have a A-Z Wildcard LOW sale!

6 pack of brocade pattern denim hotpants, that come with a cute white blouse. Get the complete pack for only 75 L$ this weekend!

Ok, so that's it for today - i'm off for bed now, have a good one and see you soon!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another small Halloween-giftie!

There's another little giftie for you for the Halloween season - find it near the weekend sale vendors, beside the coffee table.

:COMET: Lashes 
Halloween edition - Pumpkin & Black

Get them FREE @ the B!ASTA Mainstore!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The YUMMY Halloween store hunt!

From today on, running until Nov 1, 2011, there is the Yummy Halloween store hunt going on at B!ASTA. Find the six apples hidden in the store, to get the brand new :WHICH WITCH?: outfit FREE!
If you can't find all the apples, but don't wanna search any longer, don't worry - you can buy the missing ones from the hunt sign for 10 L$ each, or - if you don't want to hunt at all - buy the complete outfit for 60 L$ from the vendor nearby.

is a fantastic outfit, consisting of the high waisted, wide layered tartan skirt in Pumpkin orange, the Forest green sheer blouse, green wool socks, and a black set of lingerie. The parts of the outfit have been put into 6 sculpted apples, and hidden in the store. It's not too difficult to spot them all - good luck  and happy hunting! :)

Speaking of hunts... The amazing "Dirty little secrets 2" hunt has begun!
Come find the little metal key, and show off the "dirty" side of yours! lol
Hunt item is priced 1 L$, and you get a gift for the ladies, and one for the guys. Have a look:

Need I say anything else? lol 

Yay - we all knew it, there must be a monster inside!  Rrawrrr!

Get all the cool hunt prizes at the Mainstore!

This weeks new releases are there!

This week i have some really beautiful things for you - have a look and then judge yourself ;)

The last member of the Via Moda family is this double-pack of sweater dresses in Ultraviolet and Hotpink, with matching high knit stockings and double strap belts. They are just gorgeous!

Wanna go hunting? Saddle the horses, i'll bring the hunting jackets and riding pants! lol
These are Tweed jackets with leather belt, collar and cuffs in 4 colors. Each one comes with offwhite leather pants in a slim cut, ideal to wear them with boots.

And last, but not least, there is

the outfit that i made for this week's LOW-sale!

 Find all the newness at the mainstore!

60L Weekend - before i forget to tell you about it!

OMG i nearly forgot to mention this week's 60 L Weekend item!

This dress was inspired by a TV series of some very famous housewives... lol! I must admit, that i have NEVER seen any of the episodes, since i never watch TV (i simply don't have the time to sit and watch - not even the things i'd really wanna see...), but i had seen a teaser picture of one of the seasons in a TV magazine, and there was this beautiful dress, which inspired me to make a similar one in SL. And here it is for you now, for only 60 L$ during this weekend!

Get it here -> TP to Mainstore

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Midnight Hunting @ B!asta

Woot - now [: B!ASTA :] has a brand new Midnight board, filled with a fantastic outfit (or really it's a set of 3 outfits, because it can be worn in 3 different ways) - just come and register by touching the board, and get this wonderful outfit worth 300 L$, all FREE!

in Sky Blue! Comes with short skirt, long transparent skirt, and silk attachments. Wear it the way you like it best, or each day in a different way ;)

The Midnight board is located next to the Lucky board, to the left, near the monthly gifts. You can't miss it!

Hurry up and register HERE!

It's Thursday again!

Wow the weeks pass by so quickly - once again it's Thursday, once again i have a great deal for you for only 55 L$!

Thanks to Amy Winehouse, the fashion of the Sixties has returned into our wardrobes - this black vintage pencil dress is one of those great pieces she would have worn!

Also the LOW - Letter of the Week offer for this weekend is already out - it's something i've created especially for this event, since this week's letter is Q, and i simply didn't have anything that fitted.

is a skin-tight sleeveless linen mini dress with front buttons and a wide shawl collar. It has big floral print inlays that give the dress an assymetric, stylish look. The dress comes with seamed sheer black leggings.

 Find the weekend sales here: TP to the Mainstore

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween is coming soon!

Though i'm not such a big fan of Halloween (here in Europe it doesn't have that much attention like in America, and then i don't like the idea of children threatening people, and really ruining things if they don't get what they want... i'd never support such a behaviour) - but i definitely DO like the part of making nice special stuff and giving it away as gifts or dollarbies ;)
Ok, that's enough for the introduction part... lol! Let's go straight on to the important things in life - B!ASTA has a new dollarbie for you all!

I'll stick to my credo - let's forget about the tricks, just gimme the treats! LOL! And here is mine for you. You can come to the mainstore and pick up this way cute tube dress in really pretty autumn colors, which can certainly be worn also after Halloween. Along with the dress you'll get the dark red overknee socks. The complete set will be available until the end of October for only 5 L$. Don't let it pass by!

Come and pick it up here: TP to the mainstore

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yay - the new releases are there, finally i made it on time once again :)
I'm always kinda proud when i get everything done by Saturday (evening in my region) lol .... so (pads herself on the shoulder) "Well done Bomb!  You're really fantastic!" LOL!

These two outfits are inspired by the great italian fashion label Missoni. I adore their characteristic pattern for tops, dresses and more. The perfect mix between classy and casual lets you look fantastic in every situation! The "Luxury, Please" outfits are available in 2 colors. The tops come with a black soft leather skirt and matching tights. Choose your favorite color - Ultraviolet or Hotpink.

New releases can be found at the mainstore!

I have also created an exclusive outfit for the Fashion Freaks Headquarter, at the American Bazaar sim.
At this location you'll soon find exclusive items from all the great Fashion Freaks designers - a lot of them are already available, more are to come during the next days. All the items at the FF HQ are 100 L$, so come by and have a look - you'll certainly find some great deals for little money.

:VIA MODA: in Red 4 Fashion Freaks
From the same line as the "Luxury, Please" outfits, but in a special exclusive color available only in the FF Headquarter, comes this hot and yet classy sweater mini dress. The dark red double strap leather belt with gold/diamond buckle, and the cranberry colored overknee socks are also part of the outfit.

 Find the Fashion Freaks Headquarter HERE!

Weekend = 60L$ deals!

Hey my friends - it's weekend again, and of course i have a new great offer for you for only 60 L$!
This week it's a brand new release, never seen before!

This turtle neck top in Ultraviolet reminds of the style of the Italian fashion brand MISSONI with its characteristic zig-zag pattern. It comes with a black leather mini skirt and cable knit wool tights in lavender.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A new gift is waiting for you!

This week I have tried something completely new - and since it has become really beautiful, i'm giving it away as a free gift for the next few days. Tadaaa... let me introduce

This is a really adorable body shape. With a height of only 19 (about 1,80 m or 6 ft.) she has very natural proportions and an absolutely pretty face. Come pick it up and try it on - i'm sure you'll love this shape!

Ylenia will later be sold in different heights and with mod permissions - but for now the petite size is my gift to you.

Come and find Ylenia at the B!ASTA mainstore!

Call the Cable Gal!

This week's LOW Letter of the Week is C - so i decided to put the recently released 5-pack of cable knit sweaters on sale. It's the perfect season for them, so here they are - on sale for only 69 L$ during this weekend!

These short cropped knit sweaters come in 5 desaturated pastel colors (fatpack).

Come and find the fabulous weekend sales HERE!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New offer for Fifty5 Thursday's event!

This week i have put together a hot outfit with a touch of vintage style in hell! What must the devil's wife have looked like, back in the roaring Sixties? I guess we've found the answer ;D

includes black embossed capri pants and a red corset blouse with sheer black upper part and long sleeves. So damn hot! For a short time you can have it for only 55 L$!

Come and grab it here!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Can we be cozy AND sexy?

Oh yes, we can! ;)
Phew - finally it's all done! All the fuzz about the subscriber's empty list kept me from doing the new releases (above all, from making the photos for the vendors) and so i have been a bit late this week - but now all is ready for you to come and raid the store! LOL

These mini tube dresses with sheer upper part and sleeves come in 7 colors, and each with two different skirt options. You can choose to wear it as a sizzling hot skin-tight mini dress, or with the frilled skirt prim - both versions are adorable! I've also thrown a sculpted scarf and the light sheer dotty tights into the bags. You can either choose your favorite one of the rich and dark colors, or grab the whole fatpack, if you can't decide ;D

Here are pictures of all the colors available:

That's it for the sexy part of today's releases - now let's have a look at the cozy stuff! ;)

These knit sweaters are so sweet, i just can't stop wearing them! You instantly feel warm and cuddly in these! lol :D Their bottom is v-shaped, with a cute little tassel on the tip of the V. The front side has a beautiful argyle pattern, the sleeves and turtle neck are plain offwhite. The sweaters come in 4 colors, so you can mix and match them with all your favorite pants and skirts!

And of course i had to put together a cozy outfit for those chilly autumn- and winter days!

For this outfit i have made a tucked-in version of the argyle sweater (without the tassel in this case), and i combined it with the golden brown embossed leather pants from the "Good girl gone wild"-set. To make the outfit complete, I threw in also a cute short sleeved wool jacket in a matching tan tone, and there we go - this week's 60L$-weekend-offer is really a sweetie!

Today i also filled the Lucky Board with two more prizes: Boogie Nights is a 2-pack of sheer short blouses in plain white and black - a real allrounder that can be worn underneath a sweater or jacket, as well as alone. And the Boogie Nights v2.0 Lingerie set is a 6-pack of satin and lace lingerie in beautiful colors, such as black, white, tan, pink, blue and silver. Come and try your luck!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New group gifts have been sent out!

Well ok - let's face it: today hasn't been my best day :-/
I just had noticed, that i had nearly 1,050 members in my subscriber group - so i was all excited and happy, and i thought: wow ok, now's the right time to send out the new subscriber gifts! I put the new gifts into the subscriber, deleted the old one, but then suddenly everything seemed to be messed up in the sub-o. I thought: well, maybe all the deleting and saving etc. kinda confused it - let's see if resetting the scripts will bring it back to normal................. :-/ OMG what have i done? Resetting the scripts actually BROUGHT everything back to normal - and emptied the subscriber list, so that all my thousand and fourty-something members were lost :-o
Fortunately i had a back-up - but what can i say... it was not VERY recent... :-( Like this, plus manually re-importing another back-up list of recently subscribed members, i managed to get back nearly 600 members. The remaining 450 are lost though :(
In the end i have sent out the new member gifts to those who are again subscribed, and afterwards i sent a note to all my groups, asking everybody pretty-please to come back and subscribe again - so that also everyone else can receive their 1000-members-gift (even if now there are only about 650 of them left).

But the icing has been put onto the cake, when one really VERY nice guy, who probably had come to pick up the new gift, suddenly started to attack me in IM, telling me that this was just a cheap trick to get a lot of people to come to my store..... i mean - huh? What cheap trick? I spent two days making these gifts, which i'm giving away FREE - and then i gotta deal with someone like THAT? I never ever made someone come to my store involuntarily - and if i give away free stuff, at least i can expect that people actually come to my store to pick it up. Am i really asking too much? :-(

Thank god that there are so many other kind people, who appreciate a free gift, and who even thank me for the goodies i'm offering. Really, you make my day <3 and thanks to you guys, it's still a pleasure for me to create stuff. Hugs! <3

Now let's forget about this dumb ass, and go on to the really important things in life - FREE GIFTS!

A long, slim gown with wide and flexy "tail" and a sculpted waist with roses. Long gloves are included too. For the men i've made an evening suit, matching the dress for the ladies. Have a look!

Hope you like these gifts - those who are in the subscriber should have received them through the group messages. Those who have NOT received it, just come over to B!ASTA and hit the subscriber again, in order to get your gift delivered.

Another free gift that i haven't mentioned as for now (i don't even know why i have never showed it!) is the hunt gift for the "I Need New..." hunt!

is a fantastic outfit, that comes with the beautiful babydoll-ish blouse and white capri pants. So pretty! For the boys i have made two leather pants (don't have a photo of them yet).

To get these gifts, just find the black&white sculpted bow, that is hidden somewhere in the store. My hint is: Take a seat, and have a cup of coffee!

Hope to see you all soon (and i do hope to reach the 1000-members-mark in my sub-o group again soon!) - until then have a nice one ;)

Bombo <3

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend sales will begin tomorrow!

Actually i have already set up the vendors, so if you wanna be the first one to take advantage of the sales, just stop by and grab them - you'll see, they are adorable! :)

For 55L Thursday, i have made a special Autumn edition of the cute vintage dress and dotted tights, in Pumpkin & Green. Just right for October!

This great jeans outfit is on sale for only 69 L for L.O.W - Letter of the week (J). It comes with Ikat patterned jeans, high waist corset belt, the shoulder free rib top in Rose, and  a matching chiffon scarf. So stylish!

Get this full outfit for only 60 L$ during this weekend - it includes the embossed leather pants, turtle neck argyle sweater, and the short sleeve wool jacket, in beautiful golden brown tones.

Come and grab these fabulous deals at the [: B!ASTA :] mainstore!