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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Can we be cozy AND sexy?

Oh yes, we can! ;)
Phew - finally it's all done! All the fuzz about the subscriber's empty list kept me from doing the new releases (above all, from making the photos for the vendors) and so i have been a bit late this week - but now all is ready for you to come and raid the store! LOL

These mini tube dresses with sheer upper part and sleeves come in 7 colors, and each with two different skirt options. You can choose to wear it as a sizzling hot skin-tight mini dress, or with the frilled skirt prim - both versions are adorable! I've also thrown a sculpted scarf and the light sheer dotty tights into the bags. You can either choose your favorite one of the rich and dark colors, or grab the whole fatpack, if you can't decide ;D

Here are pictures of all the colors available:

That's it for the sexy part of today's releases - now let's have a look at the cozy stuff! ;)

These knit sweaters are so sweet, i just can't stop wearing them! You instantly feel warm and cuddly in these! lol :D Their bottom is v-shaped, with a cute little tassel on the tip of the V. The front side has a beautiful argyle pattern, the sleeves and turtle neck are plain offwhite. The sweaters come in 4 colors, so you can mix and match them with all your favorite pants and skirts!

And of course i had to put together a cozy outfit for those chilly autumn- and winter days!

For this outfit i have made a tucked-in version of the argyle sweater (without the tassel in this case), and i combined it with the golden brown embossed leather pants from the "Good girl gone wild"-set. To make the outfit complete, I threw in also a cute short sleeved wool jacket in a matching tan tone, and there we go - this week's 60L$-weekend-offer is really a sweetie!

Today i also filled the Lucky Board with two more prizes: Boogie Nights is a 2-pack of sheer short blouses in plain white and black - a real allrounder that can be worn underneath a sweater or jacket, as well as alone. And the Boogie Nights v2.0 Lingerie set is a 6-pack of satin and lace lingerie in beautiful colors, such as black, white, tan, pink, blue and silver. Come and try your luck!

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