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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The new releases are there!

Lots of new stuff at B!ASTA this weekend - so let's get straight to the point!

Love, love, love this new line of clothes! First of all let me show you these cute high waist skirts, softly flowing, wide layers of tartan fabric in 14 (!) colors! I packed them into 2 fatpacks of 7 colors each - one pack of rich, bright colors, and one pack of darker, desaturated colors. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Next, i made these way cute poofy shorts, with the same high waist corset, which came out so adorable, that i simply can't decide whether to wear those, or the skirts --- maybe i could wear them both at the same time?? :-o LOL

To go with the skirts and shorts, i made these sets of dark tube tops and wool shrugs, again in 14 colors - divided into 2 packs of 7.

And last, but not least, there are the knitted knee stockings, which come in even more colors - 2 packs of 8 pairs of stockings each, with all the above colors, plus white in the brigts pack, and black in the desaturated colors pack. A fantastic deal for so many socks, and you'll never ever have cold knees again! LOL

Andddd - Tadaaa! - let me introduce to you...

my first set of shapes (not counting the free preview version)! Ylenia comes in 2 sizes - petite and normal height - and is modifiable, so you can even adjust it to fit your wishes, or your favorite skin etc.
She is a slender girl, but with natural proportions, and an adorably beautiful face. Take a look,  isn't she just irresistible?

The lingerie set, which i have designed especially for the ad photo of the Ylenia shape, can be picked up FREE - dunno for how long it will be available free, so hurry before it is too late ;)

Lingerie set - satin panties and bra with ruffled details in Rose.

Don't forget to come by and pick up your 100 L$ gift card, if you haven't done so yet - and don't miss our Yummy Halloween mini store hunt, to win a cute outfit - the hunt will go on until 1st November, so hurry up! ;)

Come visit us in the B!ASTA Mainstore!

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