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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New group gifts have been sent out!

Well ok - let's face it: today hasn't been my best day :-/
I just had noticed, that i had nearly 1,050 members in my subscriber group - so i was all excited and happy, and i thought: wow ok, now's the right time to send out the new subscriber gifts! I put the new gifts into the subscriber, deleted the old one, but then suddenly everything seemed to be messed up in the sub-o. I thought: well, maybe all the deleting and saving etc. kinda confused it - let's see if resetting the scripts will bring it back to normal................. :-/ OMG what have i done? Resetting the scripts actually BROUGHT everything back to normal - and emptied the subscriber list, so that all my thousand and fourty-something members were lost :-o
Fortunately i had a back-up - but what can i say... it was not VERY recent... :-( Like this, plus manually re-importing another back-up list of recently subscribed members, i managed to get back nearly 600 members. The remaining 450 are lost though :(
In the end i have sent out the new member gifts to those who are again subscribed, and afterwards i sent a note to all my groups, asking everybody pretty-please to come back and subscribe again - so that also everyone else can receive their 1000-members-gift (even if now there are only about 650 of them left).

But the icing has been put onto the cake, when one really VERY nice guy, who probably had come to pick up the new gift, suddenly started to attack me in IM, telling me that this was just a cheap trick to get a lot of people to come to my store..... i mean - huh? What cheap trick? I spent two days making these gifts, which i'm giving away FREE - and then i gotta deal with someone like THAT? I never ever made someone come to my store involuntarily - and if i give away free stuff, at least i can expect that people actually come to my store to pick it up. Am i really asking too much? :-(

Thank god that there are so many other kind people, who appreciate a free gift, and who even thank me for the goodies i'm offering. Really, you make my day <3 and thanks to you guys, it's still a pleasure for me to create stuff. Hugs! <3

Now let's forget about this dumb ass, and go on to the really important things in life - FREE GIFTS!

A long, slim gown with wide and flexy "tail" and a sculpted waist with roses. Long gloves are included too. For the men i've made an evening suit, matching the dress for the ladies. Have a look!

Hope you like these gifts - those who are in the subscriber should have received them through the group messages. Those who have NOT received it, just come over to B!ASTA and hit the subscriber again, in order to get your gift delivered.

Another free gift that i haven't mentioned as for now (i don't even know why i have never showed it!) is the hunt gift for the "I Need New..." hunt!

is a fantastic outfit, that comes with the beautiful babydoll-ish blouse and white capri pants. So pretty! For the boys i have made two leather pants (don't have a photo of them yet).

To get these gifts, just find the black&white sculpted bow, that is hidden somewhere in the store. My hint is: Take a seat, and have a cup of coffee!

Hope to see you all soon (and i do hope to reach the 1000-members-mark in my sub-o group again soon!) - until then have a nice one ;)

Bombo <3

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