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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New gift + weekend sales are there!

Hi all - this is gonna be a quickie because once again it's veryyyyy late and i should be in bed, instead of posting the news. But hey... i know you're already waiting for it! lol

First of all, i have a new gift in store for you. Wanna scare off your friends? Come and pick up these creepy monster eyes - there are glowing and non-glowing versions included.

Glowing (contact lenses) or non-glowing, bloodshot monster eyes. There are 2 versions of the glowing contacts: "normal" ones, worn on the eyeballs, which follow the natural movement of the eyes, and static ones (worn on mouth), which are probably more useful for making photos, since they do not move. They are modifiable, so you can simply make them look in the direction you want and that fits best for you.

Now the weekend sales. Today started the 55L Thursday sale, but also the LOW - Letter of the Week item is already available. Have a look!

Dotted lashes in 10 colors, including black (which is tintable). The complete fatpack for only 55 L$!

Since we have completed the whole alphabet last week, this coming weekend we have a A-Z Wildcard LOW sale!

6 pack of brocade pattern denim hotpants, that come with a cute white blouse. Get the complete pack for only 75 L$ this weekend!

Ok, so that's it for today - i'm off for bed now, have a good one and see you soon!

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