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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The YUMMY Halloween store hunt!

From today on, running until Nov 1, 2011, there is the Yummy Halloween store hunt going on at B!ASTA. Find the six apples hidden in the store, to get the brand new :WHICH WITCH?: outfit FREE!
If you can't find all the apples, but don't wanna search any longer, don't worry - you can buy the missing ones from the hunt sign for 10 L$ each, or - if you don't want to hunt at all - buy the complete outfit for 60 L$ from the vendor nearby.

is a fantastic outfit, consisting of the high waisted, wide layered tartan skirt in Pumpkin orange, the Forest green sheer blouse, green wool socks, and a black set of lingerie. The parts of the outfit have been put into 6 sculpted apples, and hidden in the store. It's not too difficult to spot them all - good luck  and happy hunting! :)

Speaking of hunts... The amazing "Dirty little secrets 2" hunt has begun!
Come find the little metal key, and show off the "dirty" side of yours! lol
Hunt item is priced 1 L$, and you get a gift for the ladies, and one for the guys. Have a look:

Need I say anything else? lol 

Yay - we all knew it, there must be a monster inside!  Rrawrrr!

Get all the cool hunt prizes at the Mainstore!

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