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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday is Newsday!

First of all, i gotta show you last week's new releases, which i haven't done until now. So here they are!


Long dress in brown stitched leather - omg i love it!! It's sculpted (not flexy!) and it looks just amazing on, believe me! Its extremely low décolleté with the short zipper and big sculpted belt buckle make it plain sexy and hot!

And here's from the same line


a long, wide sculpted leather skirt, that comes with the offwhite silk blouse with golden metallic wide collar. WOW!

Next off, Weekend sales - yay! ;)

Fifty5 Thursdays


The cute knit sweater with wide collar and tassels and bow in red - just sweet!! And for only 55 L$ you can come and grab it during this weekend!

And 60 L$ Weekend:


Short boots in red - i love these! Red leather with a black strap and golden hardware, with small chains and heart pendants.

For all those who haven't seen it yet - there's now a Midnight Mania board (instead of the Midnight Hunting) at B!ASTA - which allows you to come back and click the redelivery board, in case the offline-delivery has failed (again), which generally is a pain in SL, but now you can help yourself ;)

This week plus during the next week there's an extremely pretty prize in it:


The knit and satin dress in different brown tones - from hazel to chocolate brown - is such a cute outfit! Since it locks down quite fast, be sure to come early! Target has been set to 75 to reach a larger group, but it still locks around midday SLT. Probably i'll set the target to 100 over the weekend, so you all have a chance to get it.

Find all the cuteness and newness at the B!ASTA Mainstore!

What else is to say? I still have two outfits which i'm giving away for 0 - 5 L$ - find them at the wall with the weekend sales. Here's what you get:

Asymmetric mini dress in petrol with see-through part and hanging strings with diamonds. 0 L$!

Top with diamond appliqué and leather pants in petrol. Comes with the leather strap belt with gem buckle. All together for 5 L$!

Oh and there's now a Gatcha! Machine too at B!ASTA :P Pay 5 L$ to win one of 5 prizes, there's make-up, jewelry, underwear and an outfit to be won. Come try your luck!

Talking about luck - i've also refilled the lucky board with 4 new prizes. Adorable outfits, a jewelry set and make-up can be won if your initial matches the letter on the board!

Find it HERE!

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