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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally some newness!

Hey peeps - i'm so sorry i did not update the blog for 2 weeks. That surely doesn't mean that there was nothing new to show you, it means just that i was sooooo busy these days, that i didn't find the time to do it. Shame on me... i know :(
But that actually means gooood news for you folks, because a big part of the many things i had to do were preparations for the many, many events that will come up in February! There's the new group gift, there's the Womenstuff hunt, there's the Glamor is hunt, the GL Hearts ablaze hunt (all in February), there's the The Wash's Biannual Cart Sale (yeaaaaah!!), there's XYRoom, and ... *drumrollllll*... there will be B!ASTA's first anniversary!! OMG! And for all these events i needed to create stuff for you, gifts and specials. So you can already be looking forward to this month of goodness, freeness and specialness (lol) at B!ASTA!

New releases:
An adorable Boho skirt outfit with a cute multi stripe skirt (sculpted and flexy) with textured-on belt and a ruffled blouse with wide sleeves and a really cute Boho style flower design and little sculpted hearts. It's available in 5 color combinations.


Leather jacket in brown and black with sculpted buckle in the front and a short zipper.

The perfect denims, with a sexy cut, low riding (but not too low ;)), all hand made, with star print on one leg. So cool, i loveee them! The pack includes the jeans in 3 colors - bleached, midblue, and blackblue. To complete the look, i've also thrown in a super cute rib top in offwhite, with a very sweet backside, with  crossed halters and satin flower buttons.

The rib tanks from the HALFWAY TO FAME set came out so cute, that i had to make it in different colors. Here you get the cropped tank top in 8 (!) beautiful bright colors - get ready for spring with these adorable tops! ;)

You loved the hazel brown one i had in the MM board for 2 weeks - and now she comes in 8 different colors..... Meet Felicity! A real cutie with tassels and bows and an asymmetric satin skirt. Choose your favorite color, or buy them all ;)

That's it for the new stuff - now let's have a look at the free and cheap!

A five-pack of simple belly piercings in 5 different colors: pink, blue, green, red and brown.

I've been asked for lashes for men - and here they are now! Very natural looking, tintable so  you can match them with your hair color, the preset color is hazel brown. The lashes are modifiable, so if they should need a little adjustment to fit your shape, this is done in a minute.

Midnight Mania:
This beautiful skirt outfit comes with the tartan skirt, high waist corset, tube top and shrug, and the knit stockings as well. Target is set between 100 and 125, depending on whether it is weekend or not ;)

Get all the newness and free stuff here!

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