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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I know it isn't Saturday....

Yeah i know, Saturday is normally my "New releases"-day. Today's only Tuesday, but i couldn't wait to show you what i've created for you! lol

Big scarfs that come in 3 versions in each color pack - 7 colors to choose from for now, another one will be released later. Every pack includes a scarf with flowers, one with fringes and beads, and a simple one without anything. They are soooo adorable, i love them all!

The dark purple color in the 2nd color chart is NOT available yet - this one will be released a bit later ;)

Anddd... i got new gifts for my dear groupies!
I must say you took me totally by surprise - within 3 days our new in-world group counts more than 600 (!!) members - and that's actually something that must be celebrated, don't you think?
Therefore i made some nice Thank-you gifts for you all, which i've sent out through the group today. If you haven't got it or if you have joined the group later, just go to the previous notices and grab them :)
Here's what you'll get:

For the Ladies:
Big Scarf in 2 versions - these are the Midnigh blue (dark purple) colored scarfs, which haven't been released officially yet - you get them exclusively as a group gift!

And for the Gents:
A black stitched leather belt with silver metal parts - i guess this one is useful in any wardrobe!

Find the newness + the group joiner at the Mainstore!

Thank you all for joining us so numerously - i'd never have expected to hit the 600 members mark so quickly! You're amazing =)

See you soon!
Hugs, Bomb

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