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Sunday, January 29, 2012

This weekend at B!asta

Weekend sales:

55L Thursday

:SHAYLEE: in Navy blue
Matching this week's 60L Weekend offer, these cute ankle boots can be yours for only 55 L$

60 L Weekend

The Caribbean blue version of these cute knit and satin dresses is on sale for only 60 L$ this weekend!

Currently i'm busy making B!ASTA's first skin (or actually 2 skins) and matching make-up - and while i'm at it, i thought it's a good idea to make also a sweet spring/Valentine's day make-up for you girls. The result is a really cute red and pink floral make-up that can be picked up free (with group tag) right now - don't miss out, it won't be free forever ;)

Eye make-up and lipstick in red and pink, with floral decoration. FREE!

Bourbon St 2 Hunt

Come lets discover the wild side of the carnival - let's get dressed for Mardi Gras Extreme! LOL

Female gift:

Male gift:

Come and find the sales and gifts here!

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