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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New weekend sales

55L Thursday

The big success from last month's XYRoom is now available for 55 L$ during this week's 55L Thursday event! A 3-pack of dotted sheer tights in black, white and red.

That 70's sale

I've been invited to join a new sales group - That 70's sale - and i've got the following items for you:

Full set of jeans in 2 (or really 4) styles: slim cut, bell bottom cut, and each of them can be worn with the included high waist corset.

And in the 70's sale headquarters, there's also the

5-pack of cable knit sweaters in 5 pastel colors

And - coming soon - 60 L$ Weekend:

:AGES: Complete Fatpack!
This week i have a really fantastic offer for you - the AGES 2-piece skirt outfit in ALL 8 colors - that's all colors available as singles, plus a bonus color available only in the fatpack. Regular price of the full pack is 399 - now you can have it for only 60 L$ during this weekend! Woot!

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