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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New releases (gawd i'm late this week!)

Hey all, sorry for the late post but i have been super busy these days...
There are really GREAT news this week - let's go on straight to the important stuff, lol

Woot - B!ASTA has made some real cool leather boots in 14 colors! 9 pairs of uni-color boots and 5 pairs with either contrast colored or multi-color straps. See them, luv them! ;)

I had this dress in mind since i had made the hunt outfit for the "I need new..." hunt - and now FINALLY i made it! Have a look - isn't it adorable? It's available in 6 beautiful light colors.

I know, i've made little make-up these days. So - if you're one of those make-up addicts, i've got good news for you ;) i've made a set of 6 lipsticks in fantastic dark shiny autumn colors - one of these lipsticks has a beauty mark above the upper lip to give it an additional touch of sexiness ;)

One new Autumn Kisses lipstick - in Raspberry with beauty mark - is a free gift for the next few days. Later on it will be moved to the 10 L$ deals, so come now if you want to get it free!

Now to the free stuff: I've changed the outfit for the Midnight Hunting board, and i've also raised the number of clicks before the board locks (since during the last weeks it had locked twice nearly every day, so i thought i'd give more people a chance to win the prize) - now the required clicks to lock the board are 75.

This cute snakeprint dress in sky blue with a sexy top and sheer frilled skirt is free, if 75 people come and register for the Midnight Hunting :) Come by and call your friends too!

Come and find all the newness HERE @ B!ASTA

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