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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New releases and new gifts!

I'm not gonna write a lot of words - i'll just get straight to the point and let you see the pics. lol!
(It's late once again, and i really need to go to bed!!)


Includes the frilled top in petrol, and the HOT(!!) high waist shorts with texture belt and golden buckle.

The frilled top of the SWEET B outfit just screamed for more different colors, and so i made 4 beautiful desaturated autumn tones, which you can get together with a black pleated, wide swinging skirt with texture belt.

The :CUTESIE: Lingerie set has already been shown some days ago, though it is one of the new releases of this week - but it was on sale for the 55L Thursday - that's why ;)
Nevertheless, i'll show it here again:

My last new release is also this weekend's 10L$-deal. I'll let it there for another 1 - 2 days i guess, but after that it will be priced at least 5 times as high ;) Come and get it now, and spend only 10 L$ on it!
The last item is a set of tattoo lashes in to versions: one natural (black) and one streaked, that's originally black and white, but it is modifiable, and that means that you can tint them any color you like! I promise, you'll not want to miss them anymore! :)

That's it for the news - now to the free & cheap stuff!

Come click the Midnight Hunting board to register for this cute prize - a sculpted shiny satin dress with a big flexy bow in the front. Just 50 clicks  and the board locks, so be sure to come early!

A very natural make-up tattoo in red tones (eye shadow and lipstick). It's free, come and get it while it's there!

Come and get all the newness @ B!ASTA

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