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Thursday, September 8, 2011

September gift and releases!

Hey lovelies - first of all, please excuse the looong break - last weekend i was on the way back home from my vacation (sigh) and so i had nearly no possibility to connect my notebook.
So all the last weekend passed by without any post about the news at B!ASTA - though there were a lot of them! Well but nothing is really lost - you'll get the complete update now ;)

First of all: The new monthly gift for September 2011 is here! Woohoo! and it's a real beauty!

The new gift is an exclusive color of my new release from the last weekend - you'll get the knee-length silk dress in Bronze. Have a look, and then hurry and come pick it up ;)

Next point on my list - the new releases!
The last thing i did during my vacation was the creation of these wonderful silk dresses in 5 colors (4 regular colors, plus the exclusive color for the gift of the month). The dresses are made of layered silk and black and white crocheted parts on the waist and seams. These dresses actually were "created" while i was sleeping on the beach, lying on a lounger and letting the sun shine on my belly. I dreamed about this dress, and when i woke up i thought - hey, i'm sure that's a sign - i gotta make these dresses! LOL
And so i went home, sat down at the notebook and here are the results ;)

:DREAM PROMENADE: Silk dresses

The dresses come with two skirt options - ankle length, and knee length. And i can tell you - they look adorable in both versions!

I also made the long version of the Bronze colored special, and it was on sale for the 60L Weekend.
For all those who have missed i: I still have this item out, since i had no possibility to post it here earlier.
Here it is:

I'll still leave it there until tomorrow, so if you want to get this dress hurry over before it will be gone!

Last of my new releases were some fantastic bracelets - available in gold and silver, each version with a number of different semiprecious stones. Have a look, and choose your favorite!

32 round semiprecious stones, in silver or gold mountings

 Get all the newness here: Tp to Mainstore

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