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Monday, August 29, 2011

New Make-up - plus a free version for you!

I've seen so many beautiful make-ups these days, which inspired me to make this beautiful glittery green and acqua make-up, reminding me more than just a little bit of mermaids - and that's also the reason why i called it

lol ;) Like always, you get the full set of 4 make-ups, with all possible combinations for visible teeth and/or tattooed lashes. A set of prim lashes (tintable, modifiable) is included too, so if you prefer those to the tattooed version, you have this option too. I've included a pair tinted in violet, which matches perfectly the over all look of the make-up. The glitter eye make-up is completed by a pink glitter lipstick. Have a look!

And because i love giving away free stuff, i made one special edition for you, with delicate wings decor on the sides, in silver and acqua, perfect to wear it with your fairy- or mermaid outfit - or to stand out when you wear it with your fabulous evening robe ;) Hope you like it! It will be free only for one day, so don't miss it!
(Free version with wings decor, tattooed lashes, no visible teeth)

  Get the new fashion make-up here: Tp to Mainstore

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