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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gawd, so many events going on!

I'll simply go through my list one point after another, in the order of the date when they started.

I made some exclusive releases for my first participation at the XYRoom - and hey, i can say that i didn't expect such a fabulous response!

For the ladies i have the

in offwhite. It's really gorgeous, and if you wanna have this outfit in your wardrobe, then hurry over to the XYRoom, because it's available exclusively there.

This 3-pack of sheer T-shirts with grungy chest print is my exclusive item for the guy's room.

Get these special styles exclusively at the XYRoom!


Let me show you my gift for the fantastic JFFH. Oh - i just have a pic of the girl's gift, but there is a male goodie too. Just had no time to photograph it yet!


Find the word FUN that's hidden somewhere in the store, to get this complete set of a cute frilled denim skirt in frog green and raspberry pink design, together with this sexy sheer lace wrap top.

For the guys i have made a hilarious T-shirt with Homer Simpson's Gummy Venus on it - saying "Sweet, s-s-sweet can" LOL. I'll make the photo as soon as possible, and post it here as soon as i have it.

Find the JFFH-gifts here: Tp to Mainstore

And finally - woohoo! The Cart Sale at The Wash has opened it's doors to the public :P

For three weeks fabulous designers from all over the grid offer on their carts items for 10 L$ or less. That's right, that means a whole sim full of quality stuff for only a few lindens! My gawd, shopping galore! LOL!

I made for the cart sale some exclusive items, made specially for this event, and some special repacks. Here are the pics of my items on sale for 10 L$ each:

(the :MILLE FIORI: blouse is available at the cart sale
in Lavender & Olive, the right one in the picture)

Find all the fantastic deals at the Cart Sale @ The Wash!


This week i have a great best seller for sale at the ACCENTUATE make-up and shapes sales room. The Amy Winehouse-style make-up with upper lip piercing is on sale for only 40 L$ during this week!


The ACCENTUATE Sales Room can be fond HERE

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