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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My White Swans are in BoSL \o/

Some time ago i was asked to make ballet costumes for the White Swan of the Swan Lake ballet. I was told that they would be used for a photo shooting for an ad in the Best of SL magazine. Now the ad is ready, the magazine is going to be published within the next days. But the girl who had asked me to make the costumes for her, Pyper Dollinger from Dazzlers Inc, has already surprised me by sending me the ad photo. And i must really say - it looks amazing! Wow :))

Have a look and judge yourself:

By the way - Dazzlers Inc. is a dance company in SL which can also be booked for your special events.
They are having auditions right now, so if you're interested, just go to their website to find all the info.

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