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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New releases plus new weekend-gift!

And here we go, it's weekend again, and once again it's full of tons of news and sales and gifts and, and, and... ;) Don't we just love it??

First off, let me show you what's new.

Browsing in a fashion magazine, i stumbled over an upcoming fashion trend which fascinated me right away: Ikat patterns! My fantasy awoke immediately, and that's when the idea for the COWGIRLS-outfit was born. The set includes hot ikat-patterned skinny jeans in blue/cinnamon, which can be worn with or without their sculpted leg prims, a short cropped, cinnamon-colored cable knit sweater with a wide V-neck, a short white button-down blouse with sculpted collar, and a leather belt in brown.

I thought that those jeans are way to hot, to make them only in one color. And as it happens very often, i simply could not decide which one of the colors i liked the most :-/ Lucky you, my undecisiveness brought you this fantastic 3-pack of ikat-pattern denims, which look just as gorgeous with high boots as with pumps or short boots. 

And then of course that meant that i had to do some matching colors of the cable knit short sweater, too - and so i made a bunch of muted pastel colors, perfect to prepare for the first chilly evenings this year.
You get a pack of 5 colors, very cozy and warm, but sexy as hell at the same time ;)

That's it for the new stuff - and this lets me go on straightly to the weekend sales.

This week i have been too late for the submission for 55L Thusday - but of course that doesn't mean that i don't have any 55L deal for you! I do have something, and you won't believe it - I've put on sale the brand new CABLE GAL sweater pack, released only this weekend. Woot!

:LOW - Letter of the Week:
This week's letter is L - and so i chose for you the LAST SUMMER DAYS 4-pack of frilled denim mini skirts in 4 bright colors, which let us enjoy the last warm days of the year. Come, put on those sexy extra-short mini skirts and show off those tanned legs of yours once again,  while you still can ;)

For the 60L weekend  i have chosen again one of my new releases. Grab the complete COWGIRLS -jeans outfit, including jeans, blouse, knit sweater and belt, for only 60 L$, just during this weekend! (pictures see above among the new releases)

Last but not least, i have a special treat for all you lovelies ;) I've been busy all day long, designing new great stuff for you. I've fallen in love with the ikat patterns immediately, when i had seen them in my fashion mags. Besides the ROUGH RIDERS jeans, i had (and still have) many other great things in mind, which could be made using this beautiful look. One thing was a long skirt which would remind me of the indonesian sarongs. I sat down to let my fantasy become reality - and here is the result:

When i finally tried on this outfit, i just thought: oh my god, how adorable is this? Every one should see it! Actually, everyone should WEAR it! Everyone should OWN it! :D And so i decided to give this outfit away as a special pre-release gift, which is free ONLY during this weekend! Hurry and pick it up, before it will be set to its regular price!
You'll get this wonderful, softly flowing sarong skirt, and a matching fringed bra top, both in purple and white.

Find all the new stuff here: Tp to Mainstore

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