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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OMG i'm so excited!

So many exciting things are coming within the next weeks, i'm afraid i'll not be able to sleep tonight! LOL
First of all, I'm now in the -ACCENTUATE- Make-up and Shapes sale! I've created a beautiful make-up set with 4 options for teeth and lashes, and prim lashes (tintable) are included, too. All together it is being sold for only 55 L$, that's 50 % off the normal price!

Here's the taxi to the 75L sale room: ACCENTUATE

Next thing will be the participation in the next round of XYRoom - now that's actually VERY exciting, since they have really fabulous designers there, and i'm so proud to be part of it too \o/

On September 1, the big "Just for Fun"-hunt will start, and i'm in that one too - wow, this is really gonna be a big one, we have far more than 200 stores participating.

Anddd another VERY exciting thing that will come within the next weeks, is the big Cart Sale at The Wash - yay, cart sale! Nothing over 10 L$, so that means LOADS of great deals for all you shopaholics! LOL :D It will start on September 7, but already now I can't wait to see you all there!

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