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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend is near - which reminds me of SALES!!

To tease you a little bit already, i'll show you some pics of what you're to expect to see during this coming weekend

Fifty5 Thursday:

The much loved short and sexy neck halter silk tops in 3 colors, all together for only 55 L$ ;)

LOW - Letter of the Week:

3-pack of cropped tops with puffy sleeves in black, offwhite and white, with a beautiful chest ornament included in the set. Brand new and just cute!

Sixty Linden Weekend:

This adorable set is actually one of my favorites! The corduroy vest is cute and sexy at the same time, and the short and zipped leather system skirt is an eye catcher, with its sculpted waist and belt. Loveeee it!

Get all the fab offers here: Tp to Mainstore

Other newness regards the Store cards - it is now possible, to buy store cards with the following values: 100 L$, 250 L$, 500 L$, and 1000 L$. Other custom values can be made on demand.
The good thing about the store cards (or actually there are MANY good things about them!) - but one of them is the fact that they are transferable - so if you want to surprise your sweetheart or your friend with something really fantastic, you can give them a storecard and they can choose what they like best. Sounds good? Well - it's getting even better! Buying a store card, you even save money! The 250 L$ Store card is being sold for 240 L$, the 500 L$ card is on sale for 475 L$, and for the 1000 L$ card you pay only 950 L$.
To save money while shopping? We must be in paradise! LOL ;)

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