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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And here they are - finally!

Yes yes yes - i know, i'm terribly late with my new releases this week, but you'll see that it was worth the waiting! ;)
And well - i have to say to my defense, that it had been a hell of a weekend, and i had definitely underestimated the installation of the new vendor system. OK now long story short, here they are - have fun! ;)

Short dress made of soft flowing layers of black silk and chiffon, with a gemstone decorated chest piece. An ad photo for the 7th season of Desperate Housewives inspired me to make this dress - and i simply loveeee it!

The idea for this long version of the above dress was born in my mind due to my still a bit Boho- and gypsy-ish mood. The chest piece reminded me of the dream catchers of the native american people, and so i thought heyyy.. wouldn't it be just fantastic to do something like that, with the basic elements of the :SHE'S IN TOWN: dress? And so this adorable long skirt and cropped top were created, that come along with the charm attachment of the dress.

And while i was still playing around with the chest attachment, i thought - what if i'd make a beautiful mandala ornament instead of the gemstones? Would be nice too... and so i tried it, and it worked great!
I had already made the crop top of the :URBAN WITCHCRAFT: outfit in two other colors, and so i had this fabulous set of 3 tops in black, offwhite and white, that come with chest ornament charm, decorated with feathers and shells.

I had the idea for these brocade pattern hotpants on my mind for quite some time, and now i finally made them. Aren't they just cute? Normal jeans hotpants can be found nearly on every corner. But these patterns are unique ;) They come with the airy white transparent blouse with puffy sleeves, that adds a cute and playful look to quite everything in your wardrobe :)

And last but not least, this outfit's success is the biggest surprise of all - an outfit that was inspired by a fantastic midi lenght skirt that i saw in a fashion magazine the other day. An insolently expensive piece, but oh so beautiful! And i thought: well, i definitely know that i will NEVER be able to buy anything like this in reality. But i CAN wear it in Second Life! And so i made this wonderful skirt in light beige leather, added a severe looking white button-down blouse with puffy sleeves, and there she is: Your Mistress! I was instantly fascinated by this combination, but i was quite sure that it wouldn't sell too good. And hey - i'm amazed by how wrong i was! lol :D As it seems, you love this stern, yet sexy look - and so do I!

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Skin: R.Icielli - Ayla
Hair: D!VA
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Shoes: BM Baby Monkey
Bare feet: Mayden Couture
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :], Crank

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