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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fabulous news!

Hey lovelies, today i have really fantastic news for you!
Yesterday i have been busy nearly all day long, updating ALL the vendors in the store (omg, i never thought that it would be that many!!), and now everything is done. I've installed a new vendor system, which allows the use of store cards, and easy gifting directly through the vendor \o/ hooray!
To celebrate this, i invite all of you to come over and help me test the new vendors inside and out ;) and to do so, grab the 100 L$ gift card, which i placed in the red and white gift box at the reception desk.
The store cards work on ALL vendors, even bargain corner and 10L$-deals-wall. Only exceptions are: weekend sales (55L Thursday, 60L weekend and LOW vendors), 1L$ - 5L$ dollarbies (i.e. the ones in boxes and bags all around the store), and past monthly gifts. Everything else can be bought using the storecard, or sent to another avatar as gift.

Soooo what you're waiting for? Come, grab your 100L$ card, and shop to your heart's delight ;)
(Free gift cards are limited to 1 per avatar, and will be available until Monday evening.)

If you should find any problem regarding the vendors, please contact me (through IM, notecard, or drop a note into the mailbox to the left of the reception desk) and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you all for your help ;)

Kiss, B. <3

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