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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yay, it's my rezday today!

Today is my 4th rezday, and that means: gifts for you!! :P
Come by, put on your group tag and grab these fabulous gifts, that i've made to celebrate my rezday with you :)

Cute Hair combs with flowers in blue and pink

And for the guys:
A cool leather cord with a silver Fleur de Lis pendant and colored beads.

What else is new this weekend at B!ASTA? Next, i got some new releases to show you:

Lovely ruffled blouses with sheer floral chiffon part and long puffy sleeves, that come with matching shorts with contrast colored trimming. Choose from 4 different colors the one you like best!

All the colors:

Asymmetric glitter tops that come in a 10-colors-fatpack - countless possibilities to mix and match with your wardrobe, with a somewhat trashy look if worn with hotpants, but can easily be dressed up with a cute skirt too! These are some really versatile tops ;) Oh and the price of the fatpack is a steal!

That's it for the releases - but i have some more goodies for you!
This Weekend the GL Hearts Ablaze hunt has started, and B!ASTA is part of it, yeah!
Look what's awaiting you - all you gotta do is find the small flaming heart, that's hidden somewhere in the store - i also have a hint for you to make it a bit easier for you: "Your love lifts me up to the highest corner!"

Here's the female gift:

Pale - Tattooed skin for GL Hearts Ablaze hunt

And this is what i made for the guys:

Jeans & T-Shirt outfit

Stay tuned and don't miss the fantastic events that are just around the corner - Wednesday, Feb 15th, the Glamour is Hunt will have its kick-off, next weekend i'll have some more gifts for my groupies, because .... Wooohoooo ... B!ASTA has its 1st Anniversary!! Expect some really nice stuff that upcoming weekend - and then next will be The Wash Biannual Cart Sale, which will start on Feb 22 :P :P Yay, we have 125 carts full of 10 L$ deals for you! OMG i can hardly wait for it :D

See you all very soon, oh and before i forget: Happy Rezday to meeeeee... happy Rezday to meeeeeee!! *sings

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