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Thursday, February 9, 2012

More than 2200 group members!!

Within little more than 1 month, more than 2200 people have joined us in our in-world update group - and i think that's really amazing!! Thank you all for being with us, to celebrate this fantastic result i've made some fabulous new group gifts - come get them!
If you're not part of the group yet, join us now - this is the last week of free enrollment!

The female group gift - so many members, so many hearts! A cute ruffled pink and white top, and matching white capri jeans. The outfit comes with the pink ballerina flats!

This is the male group gift - so many members, so many stars! The outfit includes the star print dark blue denim jeans with sculpted cuffs, and the sheer blue star print T-shirt.

Activate your group tag before you click the gift vendors - you can find them on the sales wall, above the fireplace.

See you there! <3

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