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Monday, November 9, 2015

New at Basta! - The free group gacha!

Today I'm introducing a brand new surprise to you: the free group gacha! BASTA!'s group gifts come now as gacha prizes, and as an in-world group member you get one free play! Yay!
There are two new gacha machines in the entrance area - the green one is free for group members, the gray one has the same prizes for 75 L$ per play. Only difference: group gifts are no transfer/yes copy, and the regular gacha prizes in the gray machine are (as always) yes transfer/no copy, so you can swap or sell doubles, or gift the prize to someone you love ;-)

And here's what's in this month's group gift gacha:


These unrigged mesh ankle boots do not require mesh feet, but there's a pre-sized version for Maitreya feet included.

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