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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hunting for BASTA!-Goodness

Two new hunts have started yesterday: Enmeshed into Fall 2015 and The Autumn Effect both bring you tons of amazing gifts from outstanding designers all over the grid. You do not want to miss them!


BASTA!'s gift for the Autumn Effect hunt!


And these are the perfect shoes for those warm autumn days - get them FREE at the Enmeshed into Fall hunt!

In this year the Enmeshed into Fall hunt is in cooperation with Octoberville, the well known interactive spooky online mystery game within Second Life, so look forward to some additional fun and loads of extra prizes, if you make it through the game and succeed in solving the mystery of Octoberville!

BASTA! is sponsoring the extra game too with a special additional prize, which awaits you at the end of the game.  Hope you'll be having a lot of fun!

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