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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oh my, only 1 day left...

It's already Tuesday, and I haven't even shown you the current Grab-A-B!ASTA - but it's too cute to be missed, so hurry over to B!ASTA and get it for only 50L while you still can!


Adorable embroidered linen dress with cut out long sleeves.

There are also some new releases in store now:


Skirt comes in 10 colors, the blouse can be purchased separately:

A choice of 4 colors of the skirts and the blouse are currently on sale at the Designer Circle at discounted prices!

And last week's Grab-A-B!ASTA is now available as a FatPack in 8 colors:

See you soon at the B!ASTA sim! Oh and for those who are already in mood for Halloween - there are 3 free gifts packed in groups of pumpkins - one at each main entrance of the B!ASTA store! Come pick them up before the end of the month!

One more thing (lol - no, it's not the Apple Watch, only a hilarious Halloween costume, that you can grab for only 50L at B!ASTA):


What in the world could be more threatening than a ...... spoon??? D:
Beware....... IT will find you ... IT will hit you... with a SPOON! LOL
See the video on Youtube!  LMAO

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