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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The new store is open! 150 L$ waiting for you there :)

Howdy my fellow fashionistas, good news from B!ASTA - the brand new flagship store is open - HERE's the taxi!

There at the new location you'll find two gifts - 1. a FREE 150 L$ store card, and 2. the brand new July group gift!

I've implemented a new vendor system in our new location, so old store- or gift-cards will not work there anymore - in case that you still own an old gift card from B!ASTA, please use it up within the next days in the old location of the B!ASTA store- this store will stay in place for a few more days, so don't wait too long.

But now let me show you the new FREE group gift, and then hurry up and tp over to the new store to grab your free 150L$ gift card!


Get this outfit plus your free gift card HERE in our new flagship store at Mirage Isle!

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