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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

B-Day, vacation and Grab-A-B!ASTA <3

Hi Fashionistas,
here are the sweetest 3 words for you: Gift-Cards. Group gifts. Mega-deals. Now how does that sound to you?? :)

1. B!ASTA-Once-A-Year-Summer&Vacation-Appreciation-Gift-Card-Giveaway! LOL
Ohhh don't you just love the sweet sound of the word "G I F T - C A R D"? and even more if it's combined with the word "F R E E"?? LOL
Come to B!ASTA and grab your free 100L$ Gift card to celebrate the summer with us! Just click the big round gift box on the reception counter to receive it (one GC per avatar).

2. I'm having my RL birthday next monday, and since i'll be on vacation by then, i decided already now to put out a cute little giftie for my group members - just wear your B!ASTA tag and click the heart-shaped gift box on the reception desk:

  by B!asta Fashion
, a photo by B!asta Fashion on Flickr.
Free mesh stiletto nails in pink and silver glitter - just right for the Bomb's B-Day! :D
Wear your group tag to get these for FREE!!

3. GRAB-A-B!ASTA time!
Today i have a Mega-Hot-Super-Deal for you - this weeks Grab-A-B!ASTA is a fatpack of 6 belted mesh pencil dresses. Get it for only 50 L$, it will be available at this price until my vacation is over. Have fun!

  by B!asta Fashion
, a photo by B!asta Fashion on Flickr.
:FORTY-ONE:   ... Grab-A-B!ASTA for week 29/30!
Mesh belted pencil dresses in 6 colors - all for only 50 L$!
Don't miss them, this price will last for 2 weeks (a little longer than normal, since i'll be on vacation until 4th August, so grab them while you can ;))

Have a great time, see you in August! <3

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