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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The weekend is near!

Here's the weekly update about all the news at B!ASTA

NEW Group gift:


New Grab-A-B!asta - every week one new release for only 50 L$, only for 1 week!


New release:

Adapted versions of the cutest teeth add-on - 2 versions included: with pink lips and with no lips at all!

Weekend sales:

CoLab Kit #67 - The easter garden


60L Weekend:

:FEELING COZY: and :DESTINY: boots - both in pink/white - MESH!

Upcoming events:
March 15th: The evil bunny hunt
March 19th: Hello Titty Tuesday - B!ASTA is in the green team, woot!
April 1st: The black lace hunt
April 5th: Gacha Carnival

Come to B!ASTA and grab all the goodies and bargains! YAY!

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