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Saturday, January 5, 2013

We have moved!!

Hi folks, we had to move our store to a new location - come visit us at our new address!

HERE is the taxi to our new place!

We have a brand new group gift for you, and a new item in the MM board as well.


New free gift for group members - wear your B!ASTA tag to pick it up!


The new item in the MM board - only 75 hits required, come slap!

There are some hunts and sales coming up, and we're participating in a new weekly sales event - MY 60L SECRET! See what you can be expecting!

:CATCHING SNOWFLAKES: - For CoLab Consumer Kits! will be on sale for 60 L$, starting Jan 10th, 2013.

:FINE FEATHERS MAKE FINE BIRDS: in teal - future gift for the "Beauty of Peacock hunt", starting Jan 11th, 2013.

:STRICTLY FOR GIRLS: and :GLAM QUEEN: - will be on sale from Jan 11th, for My 60L Secret sales event!

HERE'S where you'll find us! 

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