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Sunday, January 1, 2012

B!asta has a new group gift for you!

Yay it is finally done - B!ASTA has now also an in-world group! I've often been asked for it, and now i've actually made one :) Come join us and receive updates on new releases, new gifts, special offers and so on - and pick up our brand new group gifts for men and women! While you wear your group tag, you can also pick up for free all the previous gifts that are still available at B!ASTA - for any non-member they are priced between 25 and 100 L$, so it is certainly a good idea to join the group and get all these goodies free :)

From now on until the 1st Anniversary of B!ASTA, the group membership will be free - from then (on February 10th) there will be a small fee to join the group, to prevent people from joining and leaving the group immediately after having picked up all the gifts (and of course to keep out spammers and the like).

Now let me show you what awaits you in the store, as a fantastic group gift to welcome you in the new B!ASTA Fashion Updates group, and also to welcome the New Year :)

Female group gift January 2012

Male group gift January 2012

But that's not the only thing that's new at B!ASTA. I've also got a new release for you this weekend (yes, only one - but like most of us i've been busy also in RL, so i guess that's ok ;))

I always loved the look of those slim, midi length dresses - but since i still use a non-mesh viewer in SL, i couldn't find a decent one that would not use mesh (thus letting me end up with  a sphere or a cylinder instead of my body). But hey, we do not necessarily need mesh to create this style! Have a look at these adorable dresses - they are 100 % mesh-free and that means: they are wearable by anybody :)

The Star lounge dresses are available in 5 (+1) colors: Fir, Hazel, Petrol, Plum and Wine (+ Purple as a hunt gift). They are so beautiful with their slim line, the 3/4 length sleeves, slit and small bows on the décolleté and sleeves.

The last one in this row (purple) is a hunt gift - read on to know the details!

FOR WHATEVER HUNT by FashionFreaks

The FWH runs from January 1st to 31st, 2012, with all your favorite designers from the FF group participating! Don't miss that one, i'm sure it will be fantastic!
Hunt Blog

Here's my contribution:

:STAR LOUNGE: in Purple

Hope you're all having a fantastic New Years Day, and may 2012 be full of luck and health and all the best for you and your families :)

Hugs, Bomb

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