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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Newness @ B!asta

Soooo here's the fantastic news of the week!
Some days ago, the owner of Primadonna Boulevard and organizer of the weekly SecretSales events, Clover Oxygen, came up to me with a fantastic surprise. She invited me to show my collection in her amazing and huge store, as a featured Guest Designer of the Month! Wowww!
So i packed my things and set up my newest designs and bestsellers in the two beautiful spots she had prepared for me. I'm soooo proud and honored! There's even a model showing one of my outfits! Yay :)
As a little thank you i've made an exclusive gift for the members of the Primadonna Boulevard group - so come by and visit us there, join the group and pick up a fabulous new dress FREE!

This is a pretty hazel brown sweater dress with an asymmetric satin skirt part and a wide collar with tassels. A sculpted satin bow on the hip and the sculpted wide sleeves make it complete. Don't miss it, it's way cute!

Come visit us at our stands at the Primadonna Boulevard!

Of course there are also some more new releases, besides the above mentioned gift.

In RL i have a new cute kitten, Felicity, and to celebrate her arrival in our family, i wanted to create something as cute, cozy and soft just like her. So i made these cozy wool sweaters with their wide shawl collars with tassels (aww i'm sure she'd love to play with these!) and sculpted bow. The sweaters come in 7 adorable colors to choose from. Please, welcome with us our lovely Felicity!

Find the new releases  at the B!ASTA Mainstore!

The last new release this week is also my contribution for the next round of SecretSales!

This lovely festive silk dress in Ivory, with wide frilled collar and diamond embellished bow over the stomach, is just perfect for the coming holidays! Its sculpted and flexy skirt part flows softly with every movement. Have a look, i'm sure you'll love it just as much as i do!

From Sunday to next Saturday, this dress will be available at the SecretSales location with a huge discount! If you want this dress, then now's the time - hurry over to the SecretSales room and grab it for only 75 L$!

Here's your taxi to the SecretSales!

Oh and there are also two more things I actually released last week, but i haven't posted anything last week and so i'm gonna announce them today, together with this week's newness :)

is a sexy and sophisticated black ultra short lace dress with a big black satin bow around the collar. The satin trimmed short sleeves complete the look. There are 2 under-dresses in white and grey included, so you can vary the outfit and choose the one you like best. This little piece of hotness and elegance all-in-one is just perfect for a party night to celebrate the New Year!

And last but not least, there's another new release from last week - and you can get it for only 10 L$!

This cute tubetop dress in green satin with snow flake design on the dress part is just adorable! It comes with matching green long socks with little fur puffs on the upper seam, and the sparkling silver snow flake body tattoo is included in the outfit, too.

I still have to mention that there are now 4 stockings hanging above the fireplace, each one stuffed with gifts for my sweet groupies and friends of B!ASTA :) The three red stockings are for the ladies, and there's a green stocking too, that's filled with a nice gift for the guys. Here are the latest  2 additions:


:BEAR FUMMEL: scarf & hat set - FREE

In the Midnight Hunting board there's :VALERIE: for one more week - lock down is set to 60 hits, so hurry up if you want to register!


Get all the new stuff and free gifts at B!ASTA!

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