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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally it's done

This week i'm actually not THAT late - but phew... it's getting harder every week, to get all the work done in time, until i can finally send out the news to you guys. The shop is really keeping me busy at the moment - the one thing i can't complain about is boredom! lol

This amazing sarong skirt outfit has been introduced as a weekend gift last week - now a different top has been added, and the outfit is now available in 4 dark desaturated colors, perfect for the still quite warm autumn evenings.



Matching the recently released bracelets, i have a set of fantastic necklaces in gold or silver for you this week. Available in 6 different stone colors to choose from, you'll certainly find one that pairs up perfectly with your favorite outfit. Both necklace and bracelet are resizeable on touch.

Greedy pack of cable knit tights in 12 (!) colors, including black and white (yellow is not shown in the pic because i had no more space left lol). They have their name for a reason. Yes, they're really cozy!

This zig-zag patterned sweater dress, complete with knitted tights in dark plum, is actually the first release of a new line, that will include also the new exclusive item for the upcoming round of XYRoom.

Matching the new :VIA MODA: Sweater dress outfit, there's also a pair of overknee socks in Dark Plum.

 Find all the newness here: Tp to Mainstore

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