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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New releases are there! Woot!

Lots of beautiful things this week on the new releases wall for you - andddd (drumrolllll) the new August gift is here! \o/ The description and picture of the gift will be on the bottom of this post - but first i want to show you all the new releases this week.
Here we go:

Black embossed capri pants with sculpted cuffs, a sheer chain halter top made of Ivory colored damask silk, that comes in 2 versions: more sheer and more opaque - choose the one you like better, or the one that fits the individual situation ;) The leather belt with golden buckle is included too.


And because the top is so adorable, i just had to make it in more colors. The fatpack of the light and soft silk tops in 4 pastel colors is really a great deal, since you get every one of the tops in 2 versions. That's 8 tops for one ridiculous price :)

An absolutely cute skirt outfit with a vintage style layered floral skirt (sculpted + flexy) with attached belt, and a matching sheer floral tube top with fuchsia colored accents.

These eyes have already been released last weekend, but for some reason i must have forgotten to publish them here on the website - well, here they are now ;) Oh and before i forget to mention it - the double pack of realistic eyes in Muddy Lake and Dark Steel Blue are on sale for only 10 L$ for both!

And now, as i have already mentioned in the beginning, here comes the new Gift of the Month - August 2011:

is a gorgeous long gown with mermaid tail in olive with gold glitter accents. The top part is breathtakingly sexy. The pants and top can also be worn without skirt and mermaid tails, and you'll have a fantastic evening overall. Just try it! And don't forget - it's FREE during this month!

Last month's July gift has now been placed on the opposite wall, where i'm going to collect all the past monthly gifts. They will not be free anymore, but will be sold for 5 - 10 L$ each. So if you miss one of the gifts, it's not a big deal - just come and grab them for a few lindens.

Get all the newness here: Tp to Mainstore

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