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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend is New Releases Time!

This time i have 3 gorgeous new outfits for you - i don't even know where to begin! LOL

is a fantastic wrapped tie dye dress with pompom tassels and partly sheer soft silky fabric in vibrant colors. It reminds me of gipsies, hippies and indian saris - all at the same time! lol The wrapped top has golden tabs and is knotted in the back. Oh, and if you wonder whats the name all about: the seventh of the roman virtues is Firmitas (Tenacity) - and that's one of my main characteristics in life. Some people around me might even be irritated by this side of me - but i like the idea that it is actually a virtue hehe ;))
But now lets see the picture:

Some days ago i have seen Selina Gomez on TV, where she wore exactly one of these corduroy vests with nude shoulders and a big bow in the back - and i thought heyyy - wouldn't we all look fab in these vests? So i had to make them - and since they turned out to be really adorable, i decided to make a lot of colors - in the end i threw in a pair of cute embossed jeans capri pants with sculpted cuffs to complete the look, and packed all together into a fantastic fatpack of 8 vests in 6 muted pastel colors, plus black and white. Hope you like them!

Andddd this is the third new release for today. First i need to tell you: i really loveeee Sn@tch. Ivey, the owner of Sn@tch, is in my opinion certainly one of the most talented fashion designers in SL - and not only that, but she has her very own style and has created a fantastic brand that is well known to quite everyone. And she has inspired me for my work more than anybody else in SL.
So - in her latest note about her new releases, i saw these adorable belted system skirts with sculpted waist - and i just thought: GAWD! I need to make something like that too! So i created a system leather mini skirt in bordeaux, with a small slit and zipper on one side, with belt and a sculpted waist - and the result is just how i imagined it! Cuteee! I combined the skirt with one of the cropped corduroy vests from my other release, and voilá - here is my love confession to Ivey! lol ;)

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Img 1:
Skin: Mother Goose - Choi
Hair: [kik] - Fine
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Bare feet: Mayden Couture
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :]

Img 2 + 3:
Skin: Al Vulo! - Pollon
Hair: Exile - Coy
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Shoes: 1:Yogi's - Slouch ankle boots; 2: Baby Monkey - Bloom Pumps
Jewelry Bracelet ri.: Genesis. Bracelet le.: Crank Design. Necklace: W&M Factory. Earrings: [: B!ASTA :]

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