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Friday, July 29, 2011

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This week i don't really have a lot of releases - i had so much to do (omg just don't mention the word "marketplace" - there's still sooooo much that has to be updated O.o ) and so i sadly didn't find enough time to make all the things that i had on my mind. BUT i did the ones that seemed to be the most important for me - because they were the ones I wanted to wear (lol - i knowwww, i'm an egoist).

I have been - and I still am - under the influence of the early and un(?)expected death of Amy Winehouse - I've always been a great fan of hers and i heard her music - at least 2, 3 of her songs - every single day. And well - her fashion style was certainly singular, but i always loved it!

The black off shoulder pencil dress with nearly knee-length skirt is just like the one she would have chosen to wear. It's completely her style, simple, without any bells and whistles, just plain sexy with a high slit on one thigh.

What would the best Amy Winehouse outfit be, without her characteristic make-up, and her typical "beauty mark" upper lip piercing? Here they are - for your perfect Amy-look-a-like outfit!

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Skin: (AMD) Apple May Design - Jessica
Hair: Bee hive: Amacci - Melody. Extensions: Truth - Aloha. Bangs: House of Heart - Flip Bangs.
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Leona
Jewelry Bracelet ri.: Genesis. Bracelet le.: Crank Design. Necklace: W&M Factory 

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