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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alpha bum hider - You asked for it! LOL

By popular demand i'm giving away a particular freebie this time - an invisible booty! lol
Did you ever lose your nerves, because your bum stuck out of that cutsie sculpted skirt you just bought, no matter how you positioned it? whenever  your AO made you move your butt, the skirts don't seem to fit anymore? Oh yes - that's a common problem in SL ... be calm, you're not alone! ;)
But now there's the solution - it's so easy, and above all: it's FREE!
I've put out a bag of two free alpha layer bum hiders - one that hides only the booty, the other one hides booty and feet - so you can still wear all those adorable sculpted sandals with toes etc.

Get it here:  Tp to Mainstore

(sadly there's no picture of this gift... but i couldn't figure out how to take a photo of an invisible bum! LOL I'll come up with a picture as soon as i get a good idea how to show it. Until then: let your imagination do it for you!)

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