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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[: B!ASTA :] goes online!

I'm happy to introduce to you the new website for [: B!ASTA :] - your source of male and female fashion + accessories in Second Life!

[: B!ASTA :] is a brand of fine clothing, accessories and make-up, founded in the very last days of 2010. After a half year of business it has grown incredibly big - we have moved our mainstore twice, because very soon the old store has  become too small to house all the items. Sales have quintupled (!) within the last 3 months of business, which is really exceptional!

This quick growth is certainly the result of a lot of hard work (i must say, i had NEVER imagined, how much work actually has to be done to run a business in SL!) - but in the first place, i owe this to you - my loyal customers. And for this i want to thank you all very much. You absolutely rock! <3

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