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Friday, October 26, 2012

Preview - Coming soon!

New - soon to come releases from [: B!ASTA :] -MESH!-


Will be released also as singles in different colors.


Will be available in different colors.

Upcoming events:
Bright & Tight Hunt - starting November 1st, 2012
Pimp my Hunters Hunt - starting November 10th, 2012
The Black Event - Cart sale presented by The Wash - starting November 14th, 2012
Vintage Christmas Hunt - starting December 1st, 2012
Christmas Spirit Hunt - starting December 1st, 2012
Night of the Wolf Hunt - starting December 15th, 2012

Don't miss any of the fun and fancy new stuff at B!ASTA - here's your taxi!

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New Autumn collection from B!ASTA -MESH!-

Here's what i've made so far for the brand new B!ASTA -MESH!- collection - new things coming in every week!

:ROARR!: Mesh leather pants and vests

:GOOSE SUMMER: Floral blouses - sheer and solid included.

:I'M YOURS: Mesh knit sweater dress with stockings

:WHEN TOMORROW COMES: Partly mesh mini dress

:SULTRY SALLY: Slim mesh jeans in 4 colors

:READ MY LIPS: Long corduroy mesh dress

Dark colors:
Light colors:
:WONDERFUL DAYS: Floral mesh Bermuda shorts, off shoulder top and scarf

:WONDERFUL HOURS: Floral mesh blouses

:WONDERFUL HOURS: Floral mesh blouse, mesh Bermuda shorts, and gartered socks

Currently available gifts at B!ASTA:

Autumn group gifts:
:ROARR!: in raspberry - leather mesh pants and matching vest (no mesh)

:MENDED HEART: Tartan mini skirt and cropped knit sweater

Dirty little secret 3 hunt - female gift:
:SORRY, NO CLOWNS ALLOWED: Mini skirt and long sleeve top

male gift:
:THE BEAST WITHIN: Animal fur jockstraps

unisex gift (included in both the female and the male hunt prim):
:IT WAS ME: Blood stained T-Shirt

Midnight mania:
Long dress in bronze (100 slaps needed to lock down)

Find all the newness here: B!ASTA Fashion - Mainstore

Finally, there are also the SIXTY L$ WEEKEND sales items:
:MEET FELICITY: Knit sweater dresses with satin skirt and bow - 8 colors available
60 L$ (RP: 169 per color)

See you! Bomb / Feders Baby