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Sunday, January 29, 2012

February at B!asta

I've already set out the brand new group gifts for February, since February will be a very busy month with loads of gifts and events - find more info about these below :)

Since February is the month of love, with Valentine's Day and all, i thought i could pick up this theme also for this month's group gifts.

... it needs to fly! The girls' gift this month is a cuteeee mini dress in white and soft pink, with feather skirt and bodice with ribbons and laces in the back. It comes with matching tights and even the ballet toe shoes are included.

And as you probably know by now, i love making matching gifts for men and women, so here comes the February gift for the gentlemen - a beautiful white and silver grey suit with a very light pink shirt.

Hope you like them!
Reminder: The group is still free to join until the 1st Anniversary of B!ASTA on February 15th. After that date there will be a small enrollment fee, but you can be sure that you get a whole lot of gifts and goodies in return! All the previous group gifts will stay free for members, while non-members can purchase them at a price range from 25 to 100 L$ - so joining the group will be well worth the few bucks that you'll be asked to pay. This should help to keep spam bots out of the group chat, and hopefully it will keep people from being rude to other members, since being thrown out of the group would also mean losing the enrollment fee. And last but not least, i want to have interested people in my group, who join us because they wish to stay informed about what's going on and what's new at B!ASTA - not only gift hunters, who join groups just to grab the free stuff and then leave immediately. You get a lot of high quality gifts on a regular basis - so the small fee will certainly be a good investment :)

Now let me show you what will await you in February at B!ASTA - you can really look forward to this fabulous month full of free stuff, fantastic sales and special events!

In chronological order:

Feb 1, 2012: XYRoom - February round!

This new round will be just fantastic - here's a preview of what you're gonna find on my cart!

:RAW HIDE: in Sand!
Sculpted leather dress with a breathtakingly low décolleté and sculpted belt buckle

Matching peep-toe boots in hazel and sand, with straps in contrasting color, golden metal buckles and a long zipper on the back side. They are so WOW! Love them :)

Come and find an amazing line-up this month, with items from a group of fantastic designers  in SL, all priced 100 L$ or LOWER!

Feb 3, 2012: WOMENSTUFF Hunt!

Feb 11, 2012: Greatest Love - Hearts Ablaze Hunt!

Feb 15, 2012: Glamour is... Hunt!

Feb 18, 2012: Celebration of B!ASTA's 1st Anniversary - look forward to some amazing gifts!

Feb 22, 2012: The Wash's Biannual Cart Sale!

This weekend at B!asta

Weekend sales:

55L Thursday

:SHAYLEE: in Navy blue
Matching this week's 60L Weekend offer, these cute ankle boots can be yours for only 55 L$

60 L Weekend

The Caribbean blue version of these cute knit and satin dresses is on sale for only 60 L$ this weekend!

Currently i'm busy making B!ASTA's first skin (or actually 2 skins) and matching make-up - and while i'm at it, i thought it's a good idea to make also a sweet spring/Valentine's day make-up for you girls. The result is a really cute red and pink floral make-up that can be picked up free (with group tag) right now - don't miss out, it won't be free forever ;)

Eye make-up and lipstick in red and pink, with floral decoration. FREE!

Bourbon St 2 Hunt

Come lets discover the wild side of the carnival - let's get dressed for Mardi Gras Extreme! LOL

Female gift:

Male gift:

Come and find the sales and gifts here!

Finally some newness!

Hey peeps - i'm so sorry i did not update the blog for 2 weeks. That surely doesn't mean that there was nothing new to show you, it means just that i was sooooo busy these days, that i didn't find the time to do it. Shame on me... i know :(
But that actually means gooood news for you folks, because a big part of the many things i had to do were preparations for the many, many events that will come up in February! There's the new group gift, there's the Womenstuff hunt, there's the Glamor is hunt, the GL Hearts ablaze hunt (all in February), there's the The Wash's Biannual Cart Sale (yeaaaaah!!), there's XYRoom, and ... *drumrollllll*... there will be B!ASTA's first anniversary!! OMG! And for all these events i needed to create stuff for you, gifts and specials. So you can already be looking forward to this month of goodness, freeness and specialness (lol) at B!ASTA!

New releases:
An adorable Boho skirt outfit with a cute multi stripe skirt (sculpted and flexy) with textured-on belt and a ruffled blouse with wide sleeves and a really cute Boho style flower design and little sculpted hearts. It's available in 5 color combinations.


Leather jacket in brown and black with sculpted buckle in the front and a short zipper.

The perfect denims, with a sexy cut, low riding (but not too low ;)), all hand made, with star print on one leg. So cool, i loveee them! The pack includes the jeans in 3 colors - bleached, midblue, and blackblue. To complete the look, i've also thrown in a super cute rib top in offwhite, with a very sweet backside, with  crossed halters and satin flower buttons.

The rib tanks from the HALFWAY TO FAME set came out so cute, that i had to make it in different colors. Here you get the cropped tank top in 8 (!) beautiful bright colors - get ready for spring with these adorable tops! ;)

You loved the hazel brown one i had in the MM board for 2 weeks - and now she comes in 8 different colors..... Meet Felicity! A real cutie with tassels and bows and an asymmetric satin skirt. Choose your favorite color, or buy them all ;)

That's it for the new stuff - now let's have a look at the free and cheap!

A five-pack of simple belly piercings in 5 different colors: pink, blue, green, red and brown.

I've been asked for lashes for men - and here they are now! Very natural looking, tintable so  you can match them with your hair color, the preset color is hazel brown. The lashes are modifiable, so if they should need a little adjustment to fit your shape, this is done in a minute.

Midnight Mania:
This beautiful skirt outfit comes with the tartan skirt, high waist corset, tube top and shrug, and the knit stockings as well. Target is set between 100 and 125, depending on whether it is weekend or not ;)

Get all the newness and free stuff here!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday is Newsday!

First of all, i gotta show you last week's new releases, which i haven't done until now. So here they are!


Long dress in brown stitched leather - omg i love it!! It's sculpted (not flexy!) and it looks just amazing on, believe me! Its extremely low décolleté with the short zipper and big sculpted belt buckle make it plain sexy and hot!

And here's from the same line


a long, wide sculpted leather skirt, that comes with the offwhite silk blouse with golden metallic wide collar. WOW!

Next off, Weekend sales - yay! ;)

Fifty5 Thursdays


The cute knit sweater with wide collar and tassels and bow in red - just sweet!! And for only 55 L$ you can come and grab it during this weekend!

And 60 L$ Weekend:


Short boots in red - i love these! Red leather with a black strap and golden hardware, with small chains and heart pendants.

For all those who haven't seen it yet - there's now a Midnight Mania board (instead of the Midnight Hunting) at B!ASTA - which allows you to come back and click the redelivery board, in case the offline-delivery has failed (again), which generally is a pain in SL, but now you can help yourself ;)

This week plus during the next week there's an extremely pretty prize in it:


The knit and satin dress in different brown tones - from hazel to chocolate brown - is such a cute outfit! Since it locks down quite fast, be sure to come early! Target has been set to 75 to reach a larger group, but it still locks around midday SLT. Probably i'll set the target to 100 over the weekend, so you all have a chance to get it.

Find all the cuteness and newness at the B!ASTA Mainstore!

What else is to say? I still have two outfits which i'm giving away for 0 - 5 L$ - find them at the wall with the weekend sales. Here's what you get:

Asymmetric mini dress in petrol with see-through part and hanging strings with diamonds. 0 L$!

Top with diamond appliqué and leather pants in petrol. Comes with the leather strap belt with gem buckle. All together for 5 L$!

Oh and there's now a Gatcha! Machine too at B!ASTA :P Pay 5 L$ to win one of 5 prizes, there's make-up, jewelry, underwear and an outfit to be won. Come try your luck!

Talking about luck - i've also refilled the lucky board with 4 new prizes. Adorable outfits, a jewelry set and make-up can be won if your initial matches the letter on the board!

Find it HERE!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I know it isn't Saturday....

Yeah i know, Saturday is normally my "New releases"-day. Today's only Tuesday, but i couldn't wait to show you what i've created for you! lol

Big scarfs that come in 3 versions in each color pack - 7 colors to choose from for now, another one will be released later. Every pack includes a scarf with flowers, one with fringes and beads, and a simple one without anything. They are soooo adorable, i love them all!

The dark purple color in the 2nd color chart is NOT available yet - this one will be released a bit later ;)

Anddd... i got new gifts for my dear groupies!
I must say you took me totally by surprise - within 3 days our new in-world group counts more than 600 (!!) members - and that's actually something that must be celebrated, don't you think?
Therefore i made some nice Thank-you gifts for you all, which i've sent out through the group today. If you haven't got it or if you have joined the group later, just go to the previous notices and grab them :)
Here's what you'll get:

For the Ladies:
Big Scarf in 2 versions - these are the Midnigh blue (dark purple) colored scarfs, which haven't been released officially yet - you get them exclusively as a group gift!

And for the Gents:
A black stitched leather belt with silver metal parts - i guess this one is useful in any wardrobe!

Find the newness + the group joiner at the Mainstore!

Thank you all for joining us so numerously - i'd never have expected to hit the 600 members mark so quickly! You're amazing =)

See you soon!
Hugs, Bomb

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New SecretSales round!

Today started the new round of SecretSales! In a separate room of the Primadonna Boulevard location, every week a hand-chosen group of designers presents one item for you at a price up to 75 L$. It can be either an item from the regular collection of the latest creations (not older than 3 months), a completely new release, or an exclusive item that you've never seen before anywhere else.

Don't miss this fantastic event - every Sunday the new round starts, and it goes until Saturday. This week my item is a cute but sexy lace dress.

An ultra-short mini dress in black lace with a black satin bow on the neck, that comes with 2 different under-dresses in white and grey.

To go straight to the SecretSales, click here!

Anddd i have finally made something new for the guys, apart from hunt/group/christmas gifts and the like! LOL

Since i liked the striped slacks from the male January gift so much, i decided to make them in some more colors, so that you can mix and match them easily. You can either get single colors, or take the fatpack of all 8 colors, at a discounted price.

Here's your LM to the Mainstore!

B!asta has a new group gift for you!

Yay it is finally done - B!ASTA has now also an in-world group! I've often been asked for it, and now i've actually made one :) Come join us and receive updates on new releases, new gifts, special offers and so on - and pick up our brand new group gifts for men and women! While you wear your group tag, you can also pick up for free all the previous gifts that are still available at B!ASTA - for any non-member they are priced between 25 and 100 L$, so it is certainly a good idea to join the group and get all these goodies free :)

From now on until the 1st Anniversary of B!ASTA, the group membership will be free - from then (on February 10th) there will be a small fee to join the group, to prevent people from joining and leaving the group immediately after having picked up all the gifts (and of course to keep out spammers and the like).

Now let me show you what awaits you in the store, as a fantastic group gift to welcome you in the new B!ASTA Fashion Updates group, and also to welcome the New Year :)

Female group gift January 2012

Male group gift January 2012

But that's not the only thing that's new at B!ASTA. I've also got a new release for you this weekend (yes, only one - but like most of us i've been busy also in RL, so i guess that's ok ;))

I always loved the look of those slim, midi length dresses - but since i still use a non-mesh viewer in SL, i couldn't find a decent one that would not use mesh (thus letting me end up with  a sphere or a cylinder instead of my body). But hey, we do not necessarily need mesh to create this style! Have a look at these adorable dresses - they are 100 % mesh-free and that means: they are wearable by anybody :)

The Star lounge dresses are available in 5 (+1) colors: Fir, Hazel, Petrol, Plum and Wine (+ Purple as a hunt gift). They are so beautiful with their slim line, the 3/4 length sleeves, slit and small bows on the décolleté and sleeves.

The last one in this row (purple) is a hunt gift - read on to know the details!

FOR WHATEVER HUNT by FashionFreaks

The FWH runs from January 1st to 31st, 2012, with all your favorite designers from the FF group participating! Don't miss that one, i'm sure it will be fantastic!
Hunt Blog

Here's my contribution:

:STAR LOUNGE: in Purple

Hope you're all having a fantastic New Years Day, and may 2012 be full of luck and health and all the best for you and your families :)

Hugs, Bomb