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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Better late than never... the weekend news!

I know, weekend is nearly over, but there's not really a lot to tell this week. I've been quite lazy and so i have only 2 new releases - one for this weeks 60L Weekend, and one is a gift LOL

This complete outfit from the "TARTAN DOLL" line is a combination of colors that are not available from any of the fatpacks. You get the skirt, socks, top and shrug in a nice warm and dark chocolate brown tone and tangerine - looks perfect for the winter time!

This outfit is my 60L offer for this weekend - and since i keep them out until Wednesday every week, you still have plenty of time to get it.

These short boots in Plum are a gift for you lovelies - just pick it up from the Santa's stocking that hangs above the fireplace.

The previous items from the November round at XYRoom have now come home to the mainstore - come get them, if you missed them earlier!



Also this week's 55L Thursday item is still available, so run before it's too late and take advantage from this great offer:

in black! Get 2 dresses in 1 - wear it with the miniskirt prim for extra sexiness, or with the ruffled skirt part - it's adorable in both ways!

I've also refilled the Midnight Hunting board with a new outfit - only 75 slaps are enough to lock the board, so come and register to be on the list!

Skirt and pants outfit with 2 tops - very cute!

OK - so i guess that's it for today ;) I hope i haven't forgotten anything, and i promise i'll try to come up with the news much earlier next week! But hey - I can tell you that next week there will be more releases, new hunts, etc. etc. - so stay tuned, don't miss the fun!

Here's your ride to the store!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New releases and weekend sales!

This week you get all the news in one big post, lol. I'm late once again, but sometimes i just don't have enough time to do it all - new designs, new gifts, prizes for hunts and stuff, the group messages, photos for new releases, and the blog posts - wow, don't think i ever feel bored! LOL

First of all, the new releases:

A cute wool plaid dress with attached belt in beautiful fall colors, sculpted and flexy for extra cuteness ;) It comes with a matching cropped knit top with a bow and diamond button on the front side - too pretty!

The skirt of the UNKNOWN outfit is also available separately, in 7 different colors to choose from.

Available colors are: Gold, Cherry red, Aqua blue, Green, Kiwi, Pink and Violet.

Of course i also had to make the cropped tops in lots of colors - there are so many of them, that i had to make 2 fatpacks of 10(!) colors in each one of them. You can choose either a pack of brighter colors, or desaturated darker ones. Here they are:

If you ask me, i love them all! lol :)

Find the new stuff here!

Now the next important thing - weekend sales! Though the weekend is nearly over, the sales remain in place until Tuesday or Wednesday - like every week.

Fifty5 Thursday

Double pack of the popular chain belts - the well known one in silver, and now brand new - the same design in gold! You wanted it - you get it! And for a few days you get them both for only 55 L$!

60L$ Weekend

This week i'm giving you a brand new outfit - the already above mentioned UNKNOWN outfit, that comes with a wool plaid skirt and a cropped knit sweater - for a very short time you can grab it for only 60 L$! Don't miss out!

Still available: That 70's Sale!


--> come grab the fabulous sales!

Don't miss the XYRoom specials - they are only available until Nov 24th, so only 4 days left to grab them!



XYRoom --> take the taxi!

A new hunt has started too on Nov 17th: The Happy Feet Hunt! Matching the theme - Happy Feet is about a little penguin, if you're not familiar with it - i made a way cute short coat with fur trimmings in black and white, with matching leather pants. Have a look!

To get it you just have to find the little baby penguin that's hidden somewhere in store. Good luck!

And the last thing for today: I've changed the item in the Midnight Hunting board!

The long version of this adorable dress,  which has never been available normally in store, is this week's MM prize. Come and click, with only 75 hits the board locks - so tp over and call your friends too!

Next things to come are: The Candy Cane Hunt - a new 1L$-hunt with Christmas-themed gifts for guys and girls (starts tomorrow), and also the Winter Holiday Market of the fantastic 60L$ Weekend-Vendors is starting tomorrow - and B!ASTA has a cart there too! More about these great events will be posted tomorrow, i don't wanna give away all the exciting news :P

Visit us at the Mainstore!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Jerky Turkey hunt has started!


This fantastic necklace with black leather cord, wooden ring and flexy Turkey feathers is my gift for the Jerky Turkey hunt, that has started today. A female and a male version are included.

You gotta find a bright orange feather which is hidden in the store, to get this necklace. Good luck!

--> TP to the B!ASTA Mainstore

New releases (gawd i'm late this week!)

Hey all, sorry for the late post but i have been super busy these days...
There are really GREAT news this week - let's go on straight to the important stuff, lol

Woot - B!ASTA has made some real cool leather boots in 14 colors! 9 pairs of uni-color boots and 5 pairs with either contrast colored or multi-color straps. See them, luv them! ;)

I had this dress in mind since i had made the hunt outfit for the "I need new..." hunt - and now FINALLY i made it! Have a look - isn't it adorable? It's available in 6 beautiful light colors.

I know, i've made little make-up these days. So - if you're one of those make-up addicts, i've got good news for you ;) i've made a set of 6 lipsticks in fantastic dark shiny autumn colors - one of these lipsticks has a beauty mark above the upper lip to give it an additional touch of sexiness ;)

One new Autumn Kisses lipstick - in Raspberry with beauty mark - is a free gift for the next few days. Later on it will be moved to the 10 L$ deals, so come now if you want to get it free!

Now to the free stuff: I've changed the outfit for the Midnight Hunting board, and i've also raised the number of clicks before the board locks (since during the last weeks it had locked twice nearly every day, so i thought i'd give more people a chance to win the prize) - now the required clicks to lock the board are 75.

This cute snakeprint dress in sky blue with a sexy top and sheer frilled skirt is free, if 75 people come and register for the Midnight Hunting :) Come by and call your friends too!

Come and find all the newness HERE @ B!ASTA

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New weekend sales

55L Thursday

The big success from last month's XYRoom is now available for 55 L$ during this week's 55L Thursday event! A 3-pack of dotted sheer tights in black, white and red.

That 70's sale

I've been invited to join a new sales group - That 70's sale - and i've got the following items for you:

Full set of jeans in 2 (or really 4) styles: slim cut, bell bottom cut, and each of them can be worn with the included high waist corset.

And in the 70's sale headquarters, there's also the

5-pack of cable knit sweaters in 5 pastel colors

And - coming soon - 60 L$ Weekend:

:AGES: Complete Fatpack!
This week i have a really fantastic offer for you - the AGES 2-piece skirt outfit in ALL 8 colors - that's all colors available as singles, plus a bonus color available only in the fatpack. Regular price of the full pack is 399 - now you can have it for only 60 L$ during this weekend! Woot!

Come get all the fantastic offers at B!ASTA!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New releases and new gifts!

I'm not gonna write a lot of words - i'll just get straight to the point and let you see the pics. lol!
(It's late once again, and i really need to go to bed!!)


Includes the frilled top in petrol, and the HOT(!!) high waist shorts with texture belt and golden buckle.

The frilled top of the SWEET B outfit just screamed for more different colors, and so i made 4 beautiful desaturated autumn tones, which you can get together with a black pleated, wide swinging skirt with texture belt.

The :CUTESIE: Lingerie set has already been shown some days ago, though it is one of the new releases of this week - but it was on sale for the 55L Thursday - that's why ;)
Nevertheless, i'll show it here again:

My last new release is also this weekend's 10L$-deal. I'll let it there for another 1 - 2 days i guess, but after that it will be priced at least 5 times as high ;) Come and get it now, and spend only 10 L$ on it!
The last item is a set of tattoo lashes in to versions: one natural (black) and one streaked, that's originally black and white, but it is modifiable, and that means that you can tint them any color you like! I promise, you'll not want to miss them anymore! :)

That's it for the news - now to the free & cheap stuff!

Come click the Midnight Hunting board to register for this cute prize - a sculpted shiny satin dress with a big flexy bow in the front. Just 50 clicks  and the board locks, so be sure to come early!

A very natural make-up tattoo in red tones (eye shadow and lipstick). It's free, come and get it while it's there!

Come and get all the newness @ B!ASTA

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let me take you on a journey...

... back in time! With the new monthly gifts for November 2011 you'll be taken back to the days of the Disco Queen and bell bottom pants, 35 years ago!



Get these fantastic outfits FREE @ B!ASTA

Furthermore, i have two hunt gifts for the ongoing Dare2Bare 3 Hunt - one for the girls, and one for the guys:

A leather monokini and lacey sheer stockings, color mocha.

These jeans aren't ripped - it was MOTHS! Greedy, mutant MOTHS!

Find these gifts at the B!ASTA Mainstore!

Weekend sale items are out!

Fifty5 Thursday

This 5-pack of cute lingerie sets (5 bras, 5 panties and 5 pairs of stockings) with ruffles in different colors is on sale during this weekend!

Since the coordinator of the LOW sales can not take care of SL matters for another few days, there will be no LOW sale this weekend. To keep you entertained, i still put some items on sale for a very low price - i hope they will get you through these hard times without LOW Letter of the week! lol

both packs of these new stockings are on sale for only 50 L$ instead of 99 L$. Got cold legs? Not any longer, with these cozy wool socks!

Also aready available in store is my new item for 60L$ Weekend!

I made a double-pack of both the Smokin' Hot micro dresses, which until now had been available only as single colors. But as many of you have bought them both, i thought it would be a good idea to pack them up together at a discounted price.
If you want to get them, then now is your time - for 2 days they are on sale for only 60 L$!!

Find all the fabulous sales HERE.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November starts with a new round of XYRoom!

Yeehaw, Cowboy! Let's take the horses and ride over to XYRoom - I'm the sexiest Cowgirl alive!
The new round at XYRoom has started, and there you'll find Candice!

Ain't that a smoking hot interpretation of the word "Cowgirl"??

This studded and laced leather body with its flexy, long fringes and the snake leather inlay is pure HOTNESS! It comes with the leather hat as well, and for the duration of this new round at XYRoom it's available for only 99 L$.

I have also a second item at the XYRoom - and given the great success of my latest releases, i made a special "Everything-Pack" of the Tartan skirt and shorts in dove grey.

Don't miss this fabulous offer! For only 99 L$ you can get this complete package of the high waisted skirt and poofy shorts in grey & black, the tube top and shrug, and the stockings. Irresistible!

Come visit the XYRoom for some fantastic deals!