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Friday, September 30, 2011

2 new gifts in store!

Before i forget to mention them - at the moment there are 2 free gifts available in store (and many more are to come within the next few days!)

is a preview of the upcoming new release in the make-up  section of B!ASTA. I've made a special edition with a beautiful and delicate decor around the eyes - and i've put it in the store as a gift for you lovelies ;)

And today I added yet another gift - a pair of really cuteeeee strapped white socks with violet flower  print on the calf and brown leather holders. Have a look:


They are free as well - come pick up all the goodies here!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This week's sale items are..... (drumroll)...

Fifty5 Thursday

a brand new design, sexy mini dress with a top that uncovers far more than it hides... lol! With its dark blue and beige colors, and the sculpted waist with beige silk roses it still looks elegant and sophisticated.

LOW - Letter of the week: P

These cuteeee dotted tops with frilled décolleté and 3/4-sleeves have been released only last weekend - but the letter matched, and i just couldn't hold them back hehe ;) The top comes in 4 beautiful colors, perfect to go with quite everything in your wardrobe!

Sixty L$ Weekend

is one of my best selling outfits ever. A fantastic mid calf length leather pencil skirt with wide frills on the back side, and a tight button-down blouse with puffy sleeves in white. During this weekend it's available for only 60 L$, so don't let this opportunity pass by!

Find all the fabulous sale offers here: TP to Mainstore!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make her over hunt!

Here is a preview of my gift for the Make her over hunt, which has started on September 25th.

The gift outfit includes the cable knit sweater, leather skirt, overknee socks, and the belt with golden female symbol.

All you have to do is search for the hidden pink female symbol - my hint is: "What's that? Animals with piercings??"

Next things to come are the "I need new..." -hunt that will start on Saturday, the next round in the XYRoom (wooow exiting!!) which will also begin on Saturday, and of course lots of weekend sales. Oh - and a new month is coming, so that means: there'll be a new monthly gift as well! yay :D
Btw - we'll soon reach the 1000 members mark in my scribo - and to celebrate this, i'll have a special Thank you-giftie for you as well! <3

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New releases!!

Just a quick list of what's new this weekend at B!ASTA - cause it's late and i gotta go to sleep ;) So let's not lose any time and get straight to the point. lol :D

Vintage mini dress with all over polka dot print, ruffles and a bound belt. OMG cuteness overdose! It comes with the white dotty tights with a sexy seam on the back side.

Vintage 3/4-sleeve shirts. Let's stick to this theme for a little longer! Just can't get enough of these adorable puffy sleeve shirts. Here they are in 4 beautiful colors! So cute, and they look just perfect, both with pants and skirts!

This is a 7-pack (!) of skinny leather pants with embossed patterns, in 2 lengths - yes you heard me: 7 colors, and 2 lengths - that's really a pack of 14 leather pants. Super-versatile and really fantastic! And all that for one ridiculous price - you get the whole pack for a price that you'd normally pay for only ONE of them in many other stores ;)

A new make-up set in light blue and pink, that comes as usual with 4 different options for tattooed lashes and/or visible teeth, and as always you get a pair of tintable prim lashes, too.

Finally, after a long time, i have released some new stuff for the guys! This is an outfit with maroon leather pants, an offwhite button-down shirt, and 5 sleeveless argyle sweaters.

And last, but not least, the previous XYRoom items have arrived in store! The XYRoom has closed its doors for a couple of days, to prepair everything for the next round that will start on October 1st. For now, the items of the September round are finally available at the mainstore!

Find all the new and gorgeous stuff at the mainstore!

Friday, September 23, 2011

60L$ Weekend is near + new gift!

Soooo here we go, only little time is left before the 60L$ Weekend officially starts, and here is my item for this week. It is a (half) new release - you already know one of these shirts, but i've made it now in two more colors, with two more matching scarfs.

Rib tops and light chiffon scarfs in a 3-pack of wonderful colors and designs, just perfect for autumn!

And then of course "weekend" always means "new gift" as well ;) This week i've made a new special weekend giftie for you, and i hope you like it.

is a cuteeee set of white and violet lace lingerie, sexy and sweet at the same time, with a cute small heart shaped cut-out in the panties, and silver metallic details on both parts. Have a look, and then hurry over and pick up this set of lacy cuteness all for FREE!

To find this gift, visit the Mainstore.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

55L Thursday is coming!

New weekend sales are coming our way, and the first one to come is Fifty5Thursday!


I've put together a set of the recently released jewelry line for 55L Thursday. You'll be able to grab the bracelet and necklace in Gold & Fire Topaz for only 55 L$ - The regular price would be 120 L$ if you buy the single pieces. Have a look, i think this set is really beautiful!

Next thing will be LOW - Letter of the week. For this week's letter I i have picked one of my all time favorites & best selling items ever - the Inspired dresses. I've packed them together with the matching socks, and during the coming weekend the single color sets are priced down to 85 L$ each, or you can even grab the fatpack of 5 dresses and 6 pairs of socks (5 colors plus plain offwhite) for only 300 L$!

:INSPIRED: Dress & wool socks

Sixty L$ Weekend will be announced later on - for now i'll just tell you that it will be a new release this week!

Go to the Mainstore!

By the way - this weekend will be the WEEKEND OF THE LAST CHANCES! LOL

1) LAST CHANCE to pick up the monthly gift of September for free - next week the new October gift will hit the shelves, and then the September gift won't be free any longer! Don't miss it, here's the picture again as a reminder:

Get the gift here!

2) LAST CHANCE to grab the XYRoom exclusive of the September round - on Sep 25th the XYRoom will be closed for the public, and all the fabulous items will be gone! So be sure to visit the room during the next days and get all those beautiful things, while you still have the chance!

Visit the XYRoom!

3) LAST DAYS of the CART SALE @ The Wash! Don't let all these incredible deals pass by unnoticed! A whole sim full of carts, full of great goodies for 10 L$ or less! Also our cart from B!ASTA is loaded with fantastic things such as full outfits, single parts, jewelry, make-up etc. - and it's all on sale for only 10 L$!

Find our cart at the Cart Sale!

Monday, September 19, 2011

New @ Accentuate!

This week i have a new version of last week's  Accenuate make-up.

in pink smokey, with pink glitter lips, like always it comes with 4 options (tattooed lashes and/or visible teeth). Prim lashes included too. So beautiful!
Hurry and get it for only 50 L$ for the complete set (50 % off!).

Find the Accentuate and 75L Skin sale room here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally it's done

This week i'm actually not THAT late - but phew... it's getting harder every week, to get all the work done in time, until i can finally send out the news to you guys. The shop is really keeping me busy at the moment - the one thing i can't complain about is boredom! lol

This amazing sarong skirt outfit has been introduced as a weekend gift last week - now a different top has been added, and the outfit is now available in 4 dark desaturated colors, perfect for the still quite warm autumn evenings.



Matching the recently released bracelets, i have a set of fantastic necklaces in gold or silver for you this week. Available in 6 different stone colors to choose from, you'll certainly find one that pairs up perfectly with your favorite outfit. Both necklace and bracelet are resizeable on touch.

Greedy pack of cable knit tights in 12 (!) colors, including black and white (yellow is not shown in the pic because i had no more space left lol). They have their name for a reason. Yes, they're really cozy!

This zig-zag patterned sweater dress, complete with knitted tights in dark plum, is actually the first release of a new line, that will include also the new exclusive item for the upcoming round of XYRoom.

Matching the new :VIA MODA: Sweater dress outfit, there's also a pair of overknee socks in Dark Plum.

 Find all the newness here: Tp to Mainstore

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Dollarbie - get it this weekend!

a cute belted velvet skirt with cozy cable knit sweater and tights in tan color tones - perfect for the beginning fall, and sweet as caramel candy! Over this weekend it is available for only 1 L$ - hurry before it will be gone!

Get the new dollarbie here: Tp to Mainstore

New weekend - new sales!

Here's what is on sale during this weekend:

The fat-fat-fatpack of cable knit tights in 12 (!) colors, including also black and white, is this week's offer for Sixty Linden Weekend! Get them all for only 60 L$ - that's just a third of the regular price and only 5 L$ per color! Wooow - don't miss out!

Zig-Zag Sweater dress, complete with knitted tights in dark plum, is my offer for this weekend's LOW sale. Get the complete outfit for only 89 L$!

Matching the new :VIA MODA: Sweater dress outfit, i'm giving away this pair of Overknee socks in Dark Plum - they are FREE during this weekend!

 Find all the weekend offers here: Tp to Mainstore

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Release @ Accentuate Make-up sales room!

It's Tuesday, and i have yet another new release for the Accentuate Make-up sales room.
Again i have created a complete set of 4 different combinations (with/without visible teeth and/or tattooed lashes). Tintable prim lashes are also included in the pack.

is a dark smokey eye make-up with golden highlights on the inner corners of the eye lids. It's in perfect harmony with your still sun tanned summer skin - you'll look just gorgeous with this wonderful make-up! The terracotta colored glitter lipstick completes this summer evening look and gives you the aura of a diva. See the pic!

This make-up set has been created exclusively for the Accentuate room, where it is being sold for only 50 L$ - that's half off the normal price!

Find it here: Accentuate and 75L$ Skin sale

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New releases plus new weekend-gift!

And here we go, it's weekend again, and once again it's full of tons of news and sales and gifts and, and, and... ;) Don't we just love it??

First off, let me show you what's new.

Browsing in a fashion magazine, i stumbled over an upcoming fashion trend which fascinated me right away: Ikat patterns! My fantasy awoke immediately, and that's when the idea for the COWGIRLS-outfit was born. The set includes hot ikat-patterned skinny jeans in blue/cinnamon, which can be worn with or without their sculpted leg prims, a short cropped, cinnamon-colored cable knit sweater with a wide V-neck, a short white button-down blouse with sculpted collar, and a leather belt in brown.

I thought that those jeans are way to hot, to make them only in one color. And as it happens very often, i simply could not decide which one of the colors i liked the most :-/ Lucky you, my undecisiveness brought you this fantastic 3-pack of ikat-pattern denims, which look just as gorgeous with high boots as with pumps or short boots. 

And then of course that meant that i had to do some matching colors of the cable knit short sweater, too - and so i made a bunch of muted pastel colors, perfect to prepare for the first chilly evenings this year.
You get a pack of 5 colors, very cozy and warm, but sexy as hell at the same time ;)

That's it for the new stuff - and this lets me go on straightly to the weekend sales.

This week i have been too late for the submission for 55L Thusday - but of course that doesn't mean that i don't have any 55L deal for you! I do have something, and you won't believe it - I've put on sale the brand new CABLE GAL sweater pack, released only this weekend. Woot!

:LOW - Letter of the Week:
This week's letter is L - and so i chose for you the LAST SUMMER DAYS 4-pack of frilled denim mini skirts in 4 bright colors, which let us enjoy the last warm days of the year. Come, put on those sexy extra-short mini skirts and show off those tanned legs of yours once again,  while you still can ;)

For the 60L weekend  i have chosen again one of my new releases. Grab the complete COWGIRLS -jeans outfit, including jeans, blouse, knit sweater and belt, for only 60 L$, just during this weekend! (pictures see above among the new releases)

Last but not least, i have a special treat for all you lovelies ;) I've been busy all day long, designing new great stuff for you. I've fallen in love with the ikat patterns immediately, when i had seen them in my fashion mags. Besides the ROUGH RIDERS jeans, i had (and still have) many other great things in mind, which could be made using this beautiful look. One thing was a long skirt which would remind me of the indonesian sarongs. I sat down to let my fantasy become reality - and here is the result:

When i finally tried on this outfit, i just thought: oh my god, how adorable is this? Every one should see it! Actually, everyone should WEAR it! Everyone should OWN it! :D And so i decided to give this outfit away as a special pre-release gift, which is free ONLY during this weekend! Hurry and pick it up, before it will be set to its regular price!
You'll get this wonderful, softly flowing sarong skirt, and a matching fringed bra top, both in purple and white.

Find all the new stuff here: Tp to Mainstore

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My White Swans are in BoSL \o/

Some time ago i was asked to make ballet costumes for the White Swan of the Swan Lake ballet. I was told that they would be used for a photo shooting for an ad in the Best of SL magazine. Now the ad is ready, the magazine is going to be published within the next days. But the girl who had asked me to make the costumes for her, Pyper Dollinger from Dazzlers Inc, has already surprised me by sending me the ad photo. And i must really say - it looks amazing! Wow :))

Have a look and judge yourself:

By the way - Dazzlers Inc. is a dance company in SL which can also be booked for your special events.
They are having auditions right now, so if you're interested, just go to their website to find all the info.

Gawd, so many events going on!

I'll simply go through my list one point after another, in the order of the date when they started.

I made some exclusive releases for my first participation at the XYRoom - and hey, i can say that i didn't expect such a fabulous response!

For the ladies i have the

in offwhite. It's really gorgeous, and if you wanna have this outfit in your wardrobe, then hurry over to the XYRoom, because it's available exclusively there.

This 3-pack of sheer T-shirts with grungy chest print is my exclusive item for the guy's room.

Get these special styles exclusively at the XYRoom!


Let me show you my gift for the fantastic JFFH. Oh - i just have a pic of the girl's gift, but there is a male goodie too. Just had no time to photograph it yet!


Find the word FUN that's hidden somewhere in the store, to get this complete set of a cute frilled denim skirt in frog green and raspberry pink design, together with this sexy sheer lace wrap top.

For the guys i have made a hilarious T-shirt with Homer Simpson's Gummy Venus on it - saying "Sweet, s-s-sweet can" LOL. I'll make the photo as soon as possible, and post it here as soon as i have it.

Find the JFFH-gifts here: Tp to Mainstore

And finally - woohoo! The Cart Sale at The Wash has opened it's doors to the public :P

For three weeks fabulous designers from all over the grid offer on their carts items for 10 L$ or less. That's right, that means a whole sim full of quality stuff for only a few lindens! My gawd, shopping galore! LOL!

I made for the cart sale some exclusive items, made specially for this event, and some special repacks. Here are the pics of my items on sale for 10 L$ each:

(the :MILLE FIORI: blouse is available at the cart sale
in Lavender & Olive, the right one in the picture)

Find all the fantastic deals at the Cart Sale @ The Wash!


This week i have a great best seller for sale at the ACCENTUATE make-up and shapes sales room. The Amy Winehouse-style make-up with upper lip piercing is on sale for only 40 L$ during this week!


The ACCENTUATE Sales Room can be fond HERE