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Monday, August 29, 2011

New Make-up - plus a free version for you!

I've seen so many beautiful make-ups these days, which inspired me to make this beautiful glittery green and acqua make-up, reminding me more than just a little bit of mermaids - and that's also the reason why i called it

lol ;) Like always, you get the full set of 4 make-ups, with all possible combinations for visible teeth and/or tattooed lashes. A set of prim lashes (tintable, modifiable) is included too, so if you prefer those to the tattooed version, you have this option too. I've included a pair tinted in violet, which matches perfectly the over all look of the make-up. The glitter eye make-up is completed by a pink glitter lipstick. Have a look!

And because i love giving away free stuff, i made one special edition for you, with delicate wings decor on the sides, in silver and acqua, perfect to wear it with your fairy- or mermaid outfit - or to stand out when you wear it with your fabulous evening robe ;) Hope you like it! It will be free only for one day, so don't miss it!
(Free version with wings decor, tattooed lashes, no visible teeth)

  Get the new fashion make-up here: Tp to Mainstore

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just a short one ;)

I'm still on vacation, so this is gonna be a quick one - all the news stuffed into one post! LOL
Here we go:

Fifty5 Thursday
(i know i'm late, but it's still there, so you can go and grab it now if you haven't done so yet):

Fringed bra top and hotpants

LOW - Letter of the Week - D week:

Diamond mini dress

60L Weekend:

Vintage skirt & top outfit

Now to the really exciting news - the NEW RELEASES! yay \o/

4-pack of differently colored denim mini skirts with white lace frills. Cute as hell and perfect to celebrate those last sun rays and the last warm days of the year ;)

Make-up set with 4 options for tattooed-on lashes and/or visible teeth, in all possible combinations.
Light green and sunny yellow eye make-up, glittery and beautiful, combined with light pink lipstick. Prim lashes (tintable) included too.
This new make-up set is also on sale for 50 L$ in the ACCENTUATE sale room!

Leather cord with peacock feather pendant, matching the earrings from last week's releases!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's me, calling from my hollidays!

Woot - i'm on vacation at this moment, and i had to wait for 2 days to have internet - but now i'm online again, and so i can finally show you what's new at [: B!ASTA :] this week!

I've been asked a couple of times, why i didn't do the white ballet costume, after having made the Black Swan, which was one of my biggest successes until now. Then i got this order for 4 costumes of the White Swan, and so i thought: well, i guess this is the time to make it! And here it is - even more beautiful than the Black Swan, if you wanna know my opinion ;)

These earrings came to my mind while i was wearing the :URBAN WITCHCRAFT: skirt outfit, one of my latest releases. I thought that these feathers would make a fantastic pair of earrings, and so i took three beautiful flexible feathers and put them onto a golden ear hook - and there we go!

These transparent neck halter tops in white and black lace are breathtakingly sexy! They can be worn as lingerie or as a top - depending on how much you wanna show! ;) Perfect also under an open jacket or blazer, these tops should not be missing from any wardrobe!

Get all the new styles here: Tp to Mainstore

That's it from the new releases wall. And what's coming up next? Tomorrow the new collection of the ACCENTUATE Make-up and Shape sales room will be released - and there will be a new Make-up set from
[: B!ASTA :] too - so stay tuned, don't miss it - you'll love it! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend is near - which reminds me of SALES!!

To tease you a little bit already, i'll show you some pics of what you're to expect to see during this coming weekend

Fifty5 Thursday:

The much loved short and sexy neck halter silk tops in 3 colors, all together for only 55 L$ ;)

LOW - Letter of the Week:

3-pack of cropped tops with puffy sleeves in black, offwhite and white, with a beautiful chest ornament included in the set. Brand new and just cute!

Sixty Linden Weekend:

This adorable set is actually one of my favorites! The corduroy vest is cute and sexy at the same time, and the short and zipped leather system skirt is an eye catcher, with its sculpted waist and belt. Loveeee it!

Get all the fab offers here: Tp to Mainstore

Other newness regards the Store cards - it is now possible, to buy store cards with the following values: 100 L$, 250 L$, 500 L$, and 1000 L$. Other custom values can be made on demand.
The good thing about the store cards (or actually there are MANY good things about them!) - but one of them is the fact that they are transferable - so if you want to surprise your sweetheart or your friend with something really fantastic, you can give them a storecard and they can choose what they like best. Sounds good? Well - it's getting even better! Buying a store card, you even save money! The 250 L$ Store card is being sold for 240 L$, the 500 L$ card is on sale for 475 L$, and for the 1000 L$ card you pay only 950 L$.
To save money while shopping? We must be in paradise! LOL ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OMG i'm so excited!

So many exciting things are coming within the next weeks, i'm afraid i'll not be able to sleep tonight! LOL
First of all, I'm now in the -ACCENTUATE- Make-up and Shapes sale! I've created a beautiful make-up set with 4 options for teeth and lashes, and prim lashes (tintable) are included, too. All together it is being sold for only 55 L$, that's 50 % off the normal price!

Here's the taxi to the 75L sale room: ACCENTUATE

Next thing will be the participation in the next round of XYRoom - now that's actually VERY exciting, since they have really fabulous designers there, and i'm so proud to be part of it too \o/

On September 1, the big "Just for Fun"-hunt will start, and i'm in that one too - wow, this is really gonna be a big one, we have far more than 200 stores participating.

Anddd another VERY exciting thing that will come within the next weeks, is the big Cart Sale at The Wash - yay, cart sale! Nothing over 10 L$, so that means LOADS of great deals for all you shopaholics! LOL :D It will start on September 7, but already now I can't wait to see you all there!

And here they are - finally!

Yes yes yes - i know, i'm terribly late with my new releases this week, but you'll see that it was worth the waiting! ;)
And well - i have to say to my defense, that it had been a hell of a weekend, and i had definitely underestimated the installation of the new vendor system. OK now long story short, here they are - have fun! ;)

Short dress made of soft flowing layers of black silk and chiffon, with a gemstone decorated chest piece. An ad photo for the 7th season of Desperate Housewives inspired me to make this dress - and i simply loveeee it!

The idea for this long version of the above dress was born in my mind due to my still a bit Boho- and gypsy-ish mood. The chest piece reminded me of the dream catchers of the native american people, and so i thought heyyy.. wouldn't it be just fantastic to do something like that, with the basic elements of the :SHE'S IN TOWN: dress? And so this adorable long skirt and cropped top were created, that come along with the charm attachment of the dress.

And while i was still playing around with the chest attachment, i thought - what if i'd make a beautiful mandala ornament instead of the gemstones? Would be nice too... and so i tried it, and it worked great!
I had already made the crop top of the :URBAN WITCHCRAFT: outfit in two other colors, and so i had this fabulous set of 3 tops in black, offwhite and white, that come with chest ornament charm, decorated with feathers and shells.

I had the idea for these brocade pattern hotpants on my mind for quite some time, and now i finally made them. Aren't they just cute? Normal jeans hotpants can be found nearly on every corner. But these patterns are unique ;) They come with the airy white transparent blouse with puffy sleeves, that adds a cute and playful look to quite everything in your wardrobe :)

And last but not least, this outfit's success is the biggest surprise of all - an outfit that was inspired by a fantastic midi lenght skirt that i saw in a fashion magazine the other day. An insolently expensive piece, but oh so beautiful! And i thought: well, i definitely know that i will NEVER be able to buy anything like this in reality. But i CAN wear it in Second Life! And so i made this wonderful skirt in light beige leather, added a severe looking white button-down blouse with puffy sleeves, and there she is: Your Mistress! I was instantly fascinated by this combination, but i was quite sure that it wouldn't sell too good. And hey - i'm amazed by how wrong i was! lol :D As it seems, you love this stern, yet sexy look - and so do I!

Get all the new looks here: Tp to Mainstore

Skin: R.Icielli - Ayla
Hair: D!VA
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Shoes: BM Baby Monkey
Bare feet: Mayden Couture
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :], Crank

Fabulous news!

Hey lovelies, today i have really fantastic news for you!
Yesterday i have been busy nearly all day long, updating ALL the vendors in the store (omg, i never thought that it would be that many!!), and now everything is done. I've installed a new vendor system, which allows the use of store cards, and easy gifting directly through the vendor \o/ hooray!
To celebrate this, i invite all of you to come over and help me test the new vendors inside and out ;) and to do so, grab the 100 L$ gift card, which i placed in the red and white gift box at the reception desk.
The store cards work on ALL vendors, even bargain corner and 10L$-deals-wall. Only exceptions are: weekend sales (55L Thursday, 60L weekend and LOW vendors), 1L$ - 5L$ dollarbies (i.e. the ones in boxes and bags all around the store), and past monthly gifts. Everything else can be bought using the storecard, or sent to another avatar as gift.

Soooo what you're waiting for? Come, grab your 100L$ card, and shop to your heart's delight ;)
(Free gift cards are limited to 1 per avatar, and will be available until Monday evening.)

If you should find any problem regarding the vendors, please contact me (through IM, notecard, or drop a note into the mailbox to the left of the reception desk) and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you all for your help ;)

Kiss, B. <3

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New gift - only during this weekend!

This sweet and innocent white blouse with puffy sleeves and cute floral chest attachment is a pre-release gift for you girly girls ;) Grab it while it's free, after the weekend it will be on sale at its normal price.

Get it here: Tp to Mainstore

Skin: R.Icielli - Ayla
Hair: D!VA
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Hotpants: [: B!ASTA :] :UNUSUAL HABITS:
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :], Crank

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend sales have begun :p

Fifty5 Thursdays has already started, and LOW sale is about to begin, too. And of course i have a handful of great offers for you again this week. Let's have a look:

Fifty5 Thursdays:

special double pack of the cute boho blouses, the pack consists of the versions in lilac & olive, an sage & blueberry.

LOW - Letter of the Week: this week's letter is S.

Complete fatpack of 6 pairs of gartered wool socks, 5 with argyle pattern in different colors, and 1 uni offwhite. Normally there is no fatpack available, so grab them during this weekend, with a huge discount!

And finally, Sixty Linden Weekend is just around the corner - here's the preview of what's gonna be on sale!

This cute sculpted & flexy skirt and top outfit is one of my latest relases - and you have already proved that you love this style ... and i'm quite sure, for just 60 L$ you will love it even more! LOL

Well, that's it for today - now have fun while you're on your shopping tour ;)

Get all the great offers here:  Tp to Mainstore

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Attention Lucky board stalkers! lol

[: B!ASTA :] has now a lucky board stuffed with cool prizes - full outfits, make-up and shoes are waiting for you to slap the board!
The changing time for the letter is set to only 5 minutes, so you'll never have to wait very long - barely enough to look around and see all the fabulous clothes and other items in the store... (cough) hehe :))
Good luck to all of you! <3

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New releases are there! Woot!

Lots of beautiful things this week on the new releases wall for you - andddd (drumrolllll) the new August gift is here! \o/ The description and picture of the gift will be on the bottom of this post - but first i want to show you all the new releases this week.
Here we go:

Black embossed capri pants with sculpted cuffs, a sheer chain halter top made of Ivory colored damask silk, that comes in 2 versions: more sheer and more opaque - choose the one you like better, or the one that fits the individual situation ;) The leather belt with golden buckle is included too.


And because the top is so adorable, i just had to make it in more colors. The fatpack of the light and soft silk tops in 4 pastel colors is really a great deal, since you get every one of the tops in 2 versions. That's 8 tops for one ridiculous price :)

An absolutely cute skirt outfit with a vintage style layered floral skirt (sculpted + flexy) with attached belt, and a matching sheer floral tube top with fuchsia colored accents.

These eyes have already been released last weekend, but for some reason i must have forgotten to publish them here on the website - well, here they are now ;) Oh and before i forget to mention it - the double pack of realistic eyes in Muddy Lake and Dark Steel Blue are on sale for only 10 L$ for both!

And now, as i have already mentioned in the beginning, here comes the new Gift of the Month - August 2011:

is a gorgeous long gown with mermaid tail in olive with gold glitter accents. The top part is breathtakingly sexy. The pants and top can also be worn without skirt and mermaid tails, and you'll have a fantastic evening overall. Just try it! And don't forget - it's FREE during this month!

Last month's July gift has now been placed on the opposite wall, where i'm going to collect all the past monthly gifts. They will not be free anymore, but will be sold for 5 - 10 L$ each. So if you miss one of the gifts, it's not a big deal - just come and grab them for a few lindens.

Get all the newness here: Tp to Mainstore

New outfit on sale for 60L$ Weekend!

This week i have put on sale for 60 L$ Weekend a brand new outfit, just released today!

The Ivory colored chain halter damask silk top comes in 2 versions: more sheer, and more opaque (70 and 85 % opacity) - or if you want a completely opaque  look, add a second layer - it's easy because the top comes on all layers available. Also the embossed black capri pants and the leather belt with golden buckle are part of the outfit. All together for only 60 L$ during this weekend!

Get it here: Tp to Mainstore

Skin: R.Icielli - Ayla
Hair: Amacci - Mindy
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Shoes: BM Baby Monkey - Bloom Pumps
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :], Crank

Friday, August 5, 2011

Karaoke, say what?

Time for a new hunt! On August 1 the "Karaoke, say what" hunt starded, and i have made some cool stuff for you! You need to find a microphone that's hidden somewhere in the store, and here's what you'll get:

Female hunt gift: 80's style tube top, cuffed jeans shorts, metal chain belt in matching colors with heart and music note pendants, and a calf tattoo.

Male hunt gift: 2 tanks with music notes print on the chest and "Feel the music" print on the back, in 2 colors: lightblue/tan, and offwhite/blue.

Get those gifts here: Tp to Mainstore

Speaking about LOW.....

...yay, it's Friday again! And Friday is THE day of the week when it comes to sales and fantastic offers all over the grid! *drool*
Since the new letter of the week is V, my contribution to this week's LOW sale is

the gorgeous tie dye dress with wrapped top, tassels and partly sheer, soft flowing layers of fabric. It's really an eye catcher, and during the next 3 days - Friday to Sunday this weekend - it is more than half off! You can grab it now for only 89 L$, now that is an unbeatable offer, right?
Here's the pic:

Get it here: Tp to Mainstore

Skin: Mother Goose - Choi
Hair: [kik] - Fine
Lashes: [: B!ASTA :] :VEIL:
Bare feet: Mayden Couture
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New GIFT by [: B!ASTA :] for the LOW customer's gruop!

I'm very happy to announce that in the LOW headquarter, as well as at the [: B!ASTA :] mainstore you can now find a brand new gift. The group tag from the LOW customer group is required to pick up the gift, but hey - joining the group is FREE! And it's well worth to use one of your group slots for this fabulous group, where you'll be informed regularly about the LOW - Letter of the week sales, and not only that, but also about all the gorgeous free gifts that are given away by the LOW designers!

My donation for the group is a special exclusive version of the popular :MILLE FIORI: blouses!
It comes in apricot & apple and it is just adorable! Have a look and see yourself ;)

Get the gift here: Tp to Mainstore

If you're not in the group yet, just click the gift vendor and then click the link that you will see in your chat window, to join the LOW customer group now :)

Skin: Mother Goose's
Hair: Me-I Humanoidism
Hotpants: [: B!ASTA :]
Jewelry: [: B!ASTA :] 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just a Quickie LOL - 55L Thursdays!

This is going to be super-fast without any credits and nothing hehe - but it's later than late and i have less then 5 hours left to sleep before i have to get up again - omgggg

:OH LALA: Catsuits with black lace - 3pack
These are among my all time favorites - knee length spandex catsuits with black lace trim on the legs, the chest, and a broad lace part around the waist. Stretchy and sexy and just hot! For the 55L Thursday, i have packed together a 3-pack of metallic colors (Silver, Mauve, and Ice blue metallic). They come on all available layers and are VERY slightly sheer - so your underwear and tattoos will show through. If you don't like that, simply don't wear anything underneath ;) Oh yes, and before i forget it: the belt is included, too! Now here's the pic:

Don't forget to come by and grab them - regular price is 89 L$ for ONE of them! Now you can have the 3pack for only 55 L$! Don't miss out ;)

Get them here: Tp to Mainstore